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Creative Kids By Surbhi Prapanna #Blogchatterebook





Recently, I launched my first e-Book ‘Learning through Journeying’ with blogchatter. You can download it here for free. Alongside, I also got myself enrolled for a book review program. To begin with, I reviewed a travelogue by a backpacker mom and a prolific writer Vartika. After travel, health is the topic which interests me a lot. Therefore I moved to Nutrition, Diet Myths and Life by Dr Amrita Basu for my second review. Now the third eBook that I have picked to review is ‘Creative Kids’ by Surbhi Prapanna.

In todays’ high-tech world, what is your biggest concern as a parent? If you ask me, it would be the length of time spent by my kid in front of TV, Computer or Cellphone! I do take pride in saying that I have inculcated in my daughter a habit of reading from the very beginning but in order to keep her away from the screen, umpteen additional efforts are to be made. I am sure many of you have to deal with the same. That’s where the ebook like ‘Creative Kids’ could be of help. I got tempted to read it as it promised some DIY activities which can be done by small kids.

About the book Creative Kids

This eBook Creative kids is a collection of easy art, craft, DIY and fun activities for kids. The author had followed the A2Z theme to compile this eBook. All the activities are simple, entertaining and are designed with inexpensive, available at home supplies. In some chapters Surbhi had also shared important topics related to kids’ overall personality development.
Creative Kids is author’s first e-book.

About the Author

Dr. Surbhi Prapanna is a homeopathic therapist by profession and a writer and blogger by passion. She
has more than 4 years of professional writing experience and her work had been published on various
prestigious online platforms like Momspresso.com, kidstoppress.com, cureJoy.com and
Health, parenting and creative activities for kids (art, crafts, DIYs etc…) are her niche. And she shares
her areas of expertise and parenting experience on her blog Surbhiprapanna.com.

Creative Kids: My Word

Being a blogger mom, I am guilty of spending good deal of time in front of my laptop or on phone (at least more than a non blogger mom I believe!) I am also aware of the fact that more than anything kids imitate their parents. Hence a constant battle is on inside all through the waking hours. Does it happen to you too? Although, on my part I definitely try to manage things and focus on quality time together by doing certain fun and learning activities together.

While reading Surbhi’s Creative Kids, I came to know of many ideas to engage the small kids. Good thing is the activities mentioned are simple and can be performed with the material available even at home easily. My personal favourites are the group activities asking for family involvement. I did try some as such and some as their variants. No doubt such activities are fun to do and also help in developing the overall personality of a kid. While playing with people of all age groups in a family, they learn to communicate and express themselves accordingly. Such group activities do boost their confidence and they understand and bond with every interacting member. There are many art and craft ideas mentioned by the author to give wings to the imagination of kids. Card making, aquarium, book marks; all appear like simple exercises but kids can learn so much while working on them. The art inspired from Nature was interesting too.

This eBook also gives importance to the inculcation of self-care routine in kids from the very beginning. Overall, Creative kids is a good handy e-book for smaller kids. You can definitely find activity of your kid’s interest in it. More than anything what I think is that ‘Creative Kids’ is a reminder to the parents that we need to spend the ‘Us-time’ with our kids pretty often no matter in however simplest way!

I wish Surbhi good luck for her future projects.


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