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Lessons learnt in Life,  Nature

Wake Up Homo sapiens

A Science lecture was scheduled in the College. I was sitting in the Hall along with other dutiful colleagues, and overly enthusiastic students , waiting for the chief guest of the event to arrive. As usual, I was expecting some suited booted science person, with a lingo that makes you feel completely illiterate at points as if you know nothing of Science anymore (yeah, it happens).

And then after much wait, the arrival was announced from the stage, and there he was… a man who looked less of a scientist but more like a Fakir

No wonder the Faculty members started whispering.
The man was anonymous for me considering I was far for long or may be I never paid attention! But surprisingly, he is famous… nationwide, and I was obviously underinformed.

This man of a short stature has given complex to even the mighty mountains. Rightly called the Mountain Man.

 He was well aware of the thoughts crossing the mind of audience. I think, he picked the vibes, and actually chose his dress-up as the opener of his talk. Smart move!

The youngsters as we know, normally madly follow the people who fit their set definition of a role model, but surprising enough, they actually sat quiet for the entire session, and listened to this eloquent ‘Fakir’ who happens to be a doctorate, and an expert of Environment, and who has won countless awards for his efforts in saving the environment while working for the wellbeing of people at the grassroot level. 

The man is Dr Anil Prasad Joshi, an Environmentalist, from the hilly state Uttrakhand, and the Winner of 4th highest and Prestigious award of India, The Padamshree.

He is inspiring enough. He even goes to gala events in this simple attire of ‘Kurta-pajama’ and a ‘safa’ covering his head. That is something very unusual. A Gandhian follower in philosophy, he lives in reality, and motivates other to undetstand and acknowledge the significance of Forests, Villages, and the traditional way of living life. He touched some basic issues which find no place in the so called progressive indices of the country. 

It was an hounour to listen to him. 

And  a reminder as well, 

Let’s show some respect to the soil, water, and the air which give us life. If we won’t do it, Who will?????


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