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How Safe Is Your Tea Pot? #Instacuppa #Superbloggerchallenge

Tea making is no robot science but picking the right tea maker, surely is!

When I told my mom that Aluminium utensils which are used most commonly in house-holds, are associated with Alzheimer’s diseases, the pan literally fell off her hand. (Forgetting doesn’t sound cool to anyone!)

‘What about Ceramics?’ She asked, ‘Now don’t say, drinking in them is bad too!’

“Well, I have read. Ceramic ware has a glaze to make it water resistant. Poor glazing may serve as a possible source of lead (Pb). FDA says that lead exposure leads to serious health issues. Although, all the pots claim they are lead free. Would that stop your mind from worrying?” I answered.

Then she said, “If it is so, I do have Stainless Steel Pans! I am sure Stainless steel is safe. I can use it.”

“Sure you can, it is just that some reports talk about Chromium leaching into your food from it,” I added.

“Okay, then ‘you’ tell me! What options, am I left with?” She looked at me shockingly, then, continued, “Glass…Yes! It has no such disadvantage.”

“Mom, it also comes with its own limitations like breakage due to thermal shock, and heating which makes holding the cups irritating.”

“Doesn’t matter, I’ll bear some breaking sounds. At least, I won’t have to sip my tea in the fear of toxins!” saying this she started fumbling through the cupboard.

Enough of discouraging the old lady, I think it was time to bring a smile on her face. I showed her Instacuppa Green Tea Detox Bottle.

Reading the features aloud, I said,

  • Grade 304 Stainless Steel

  • Double Walled Borosilicate Glass

  • Lead Free

“What is this grade 304 stainless Steel?” She asked.

“Stainless steel is an Iron alloy with chromium. Though metal leaching has been a concern lately, before buying, if we go for a quality check, nothing can go wrong. Stainless steel is made up of metals, and obviously if these metals are not mixed in right and permissible ratios, our body can be affected. Therefore, stainless steel is graded while making, and if we choose grade 304 stainless steel, it uses safe levels of chromium. Moreover, Stainless steel does not react with acidic foods like Tea!”

“Really!” She wondered.

“Also, Instacuppa Green Tea Detox Bottle is made from Borosilicate Glass which is heat resistant. Hence, the issue of thermal shock is also solved. And, it is safe to use. That’s the reason; it is widely used in laboratories to keep contents pure. It does not release any metal or toxin as there is no glazing!”

I continued,“Instacuppa has also thought about heating part well. Therefore, it came up with the double walled glass concept. While the inner wall contains the heat, outer one is safe to hold.”

“That’s really thoughful of Instacuppa people,”closing the cupboard she came close.

I put my arms around her and said, “I hope with this information, all your worries have gone to rest now. Now how about making a refreshing cup of tea?”

“Which one?” She said smilingly.

“Black, Green or herbal… whichever You like” I said laughingly.

Finally, my mom was happy to find a healthier option. Now she can drink more tea and think less.

Tea being an integral and important part of our daily routine, will serve its purpose ONLY IF prepared in right utensils made from appropriate material.

Therefore, Don’t compromise with your health and choose wisely.

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