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Why Eat More Peanuts?

During winters, the most common sight in the Indian streets is ‘the Hawkers selling peanuts’. Winters are gone, and, so is the sight but what about the nut? Has it disappeared too? Well, if yes! Read the post carefully.

Although, known as nut, peanut is actually a legume, which we keep snacking on during odd hours. Gladly, it is much cheaper to its high-class cousins, but is in no way inferior. Once you are done reading this post, I am sure you would regret neglecting peanut in your life.

But before that, we need to address one question, “why do we eat anything?”

Obviously, we eat because we need energy to do work and that energy is generated after this food that we eat go through myriad transformation inside the body. The main component of the food we eat are- Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins, Vitamins, and Minerals. These are found in varying proportions in different kind of foods. Peanuts, for that matter, are also loaded abundantly with essential nutrients such as proteins, vitamins and minerals. Therefore, apart from satisfying those untimely hunger pangs, peanuts have much more to offer, as far as our health is concerned.

The lesser known health benefits of Peanut:

We know that Proteins are the structural components of body.

No proteins means no growth.

  • Being rich in proteins, Peanuts help in building and repairing the body, and regulating it’s metabolism as a whole. How? That’s because all the metabolic reactions take place in the presence of certain enzymes which are nothing else but proteins.
  • The building blocks of proteins are known as amino acids. Peanuts are rich in Tryptophan– An essential amino acid which is well known for its antidepressant properties. Actually depression is characterised by reduced levels of Serotonin in blood (one of the key mood regulators).Tryptophan forms Serotonin. Eating peanuts, therefore, lifts one’s spirits.
  • Peanuts have Vitamins in plenty. Vitamins have their role as co-factors for many enzymes and therefore, are responsible for proper functioning of the body. Of much importance are their antioxidant properties. We know Oxygen is indispensable for life but same oxygen becomes the villain when it comes to younger looking skin. Oxidation produces free radicals which steal electrons from healthy cells. Peanuts are rich in vitamin E which acts an antioxidant and guards skin from ill effects of free radicals and also from harsh UV rays of Sun.
  • Wrinkles, discoloration, and decreased elasticity of skin are the obvious signs of ageing. Peanuts have Vitamin C which stimulates the formation of collagen protein. Collagen increases not only the elasticity and firmness of skin but also strengthens tendons (connections of muscles with bones).
  • Beta carotene, another antioxidant which is found in Peanuts, is the precursor of Vitamin A which is necessary for the proper vision, normal skin, as well as growth and repair of body tissues. Thus, routine consumption of Peanuts keeps the eyes healthy and also helps in fast healing of wounds and bruises.

Peanuts are rich in B-complex Vitamins (Niacin, Riboflavin, Thiamin, Pantothenic acid, Folic acid are all present in peanuts)

  • Folic acid helps in Blood cell formation and it is considered a mendacity to have folic acid during pregnancy to prevent bifid spine in baby.
  • Peanuts are also known as brain food because Niacin present in it boosts memory power.

Minerals found in Peanut are potassium-K, Magnesium-Mg, Copper-Cu, Calcium-Ca, manganese-Mn, Iron-Fe, Selenium-Se, and Zink-Zn)

  • Calcium is an ion of utmost importance. Whether it’s bone formation, muscle contraction, signal transduction in nerves, fertilization or blood clotting; calcium is needed everywhere.
  • Iron helps in haemoglobin formation which then enables the Red Blood Cells to transport Oxygen to each and every cell of the body. A daily serving of Peanuts can keep all types of Anemias at bay.
  • Copper is said to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol and enhance good cholesterol. Good news for heart.
  • Magnesium helps in maintaining blood sugar by regulating fat and carbohydrate metabolism and Calcium absorption. It also calms our nerves, muscles, and blood vessels. As a result blood flow to the skin increases giving you a youthful and healthy skin.
  • Peanuts are rich in heart friendly monounsaturated fats and antioxidants like Oleic acid.
  • Omega-3-Fatty acids found in this nut help in reducing inflammation. These fatty acids are useful in preventing squamous cell skin cancers.
  • Regular intake of Peanuts has good effect on skin also. The skin is moisturised and hydrated from within.
  • Peanuts also contain Polyphenolic antioxidant-Resvertrol which reduces the chances of nerve disorders like Alzheimer’s and Stroke by increasing the production of nitric oxide.
  • Also, P-Caumaric acid found in Peanuts has been found to reduce the production of carcinogenic ( cancer inducing) Nitrous amines thereby helping to prevent Cancer.
  • Another Phytosterol-Beta Sitosetol present in Peanuts is said to protect against cardiovascular diseases as it interferes with the absorption of cholesterol.

A handful of peanuts daily can do wonders to our body. Do you need more facts?
After reading all these health benefits of Peanut, I am sure it is going to find a permanent place in your diet chart. As you see, it is not just a time pass snack but a power food, regular intake of which will give you benefits beyond calculations.
Remember in addition to many significant positive effects on body, peanuts also make our skin smooth, supple, and younger looking. These days peanut butter facial masks are also gaining popularity.
My only suggestion-It is said that boiling makes many antioxidants present in Peanuts more active, and proteins more digestible. So, eat boiled peanuts more often if possible. Not only in winters but throughout year. Eat them raw, or roast, or boil whichever way suits you but eat Peanuts in any form.
Wishing you much happiness and health.

Mann 💓

PS. I have written this post for the prompt ‘how my education helps me in blogging’. I am a doctorate in physiology. The extensive knowledge and understanding of how our body works helps me writing genuine health article with logical explanation.

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