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Gangnamstyle, southkorea, Health

Health: Doing It In Gangnam Style!

“My thyroid levels are high. My friend was talking about a place treating it with the help of some machines,” said Mom-in-law a few months ago.

“Really! You should go once then,” was my casual response.

That day and today, not only she went there, but is active member with all praise for the place!

Do you want to know what place am I talking about? What kind of ailments are people getting rid of? What is actually happening inside four walls? Don’t stop reading.

Gangnam style, south korea, Health

Pic credit Pixabay

For months I kept hearing about the miseries and miracles that took place inside the treatment heaven called fondly by her as ‘Gym’. And surprisingly, no baba was to be given credit for!

On the Contrary, It’s the marvel of a non-living, non-native Zade stone which has been imported from land of PSY i.e. South Korea. Supposedly this stone has healing properties owing to its nature of releasing FIR rays. People claim to be cured of every possible health trouble you can think of! BP, Sugar, Thyroid, Digestive, Respiratory, skin, even Gynae issues, you name it and you find the story of a cure.

All this was enough to increase my curiosity and one fine day, I found myself standing on the door of this super wondrous place. It was only then that I realized, the name was ‘GEM’ not ‘Gym’! Silly me! Mention of machines drew such a picture in mind that it never occurred to me that it could be anything but GYM!

Initially, it did look like a Satsang bhavan as we were asked to remove our shoes outside and carry them in a bag along. Inside, the scene gave complete hospital vibes; many people were lying on beds covered head to toe in white sheets! They were holding some metal detector like things in their hands and moving them all over themselves. Well dressed instructors were on their toes.

After spending some time indoors picture became a bit clearer. Basically, it was a Health Care Centre having super expensive machines which give you a good forty minutes massage, squeezing out tons of sweat. Concentrating on the spine.

When my turn came, I looked around with stupidity as how to do it their way! Slowly got the hang of it. The 40 minutes flew in a jiffy. What an amazing, warm back massage it was! I was surely coming next day.

To really see the effects on body, regular trips to the Health Care Center are suggested. And I have to confess that the therapy is really addicting! To my knowledge I don’t suffer from any major illness but I think I am going to enjoy this Ganganam Style for some time and get myself the stupendous massage absolutely free of cost as long as they let me in!

And You, my friends, if you don’t have the South Korean Stone therapy in your area, enjoy the famous number from South Korean Singer PSY and burn some calories in Gangnam Style!

On a Serious note:

FIR rays are the invisible Far Infrared rays having really tremendous health benefits.


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