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#Farinfrared #healthbenefits #Healthylife
Health,  My Friend Alexa

FIR: The Spectrum Of Healthy Life

The Spectrum Of Life

The life in Hills has been pretty awesome for the last few days. Sun has been shining bright and warm, up here, after an overly extended Rainy season. Is there any need to explain how imperative Sunshine is?

#Farinfrared #healthbenefits #Healthylife

Let me ask you why do you need Sun? You are not a plant!

So, forget about the Photosynthesis for a minute cause that would be the end of the discussion; there are plenty other life processes which you need to know are run via this vital spectrum.

If you said Vitamin D, well…wonderful! But what I am going to talk about today is actually the Warmth of the Sun.

The Infrared Spectrum

The Infrared radiations (IR) of the spectrum have a wavelength more than Red color. For those who don’t understand wavelength, say they have energy higher than red color, and are not visible to our eyes; we can only sense these radiations as warmth.

Is Sun the only source of Infrared Radiations (IRs)?

What if I say every living being has a tendency to release this warm energy!

Did you ever do the practice of rubbing your hands and putting them on your eyes? Why? Didn’t Mom say it’s good for your eyes!

And what if I say the amount of IRs emanating from a body can be measured, and is a good mean to understand the health status of the person. More the intensity, more immune and healthier the person is and vice versa!

#Farinfrared #healthbenefits #Healthylife

The warmest part of the Infra red radiation spectrum is known as Far Infra Red (FIR) and this is the part I am most interested in discussing further. I did some internet search. When I read about the health benefits of FIRs, I wondered why I never paid attention earlier. And, no wonder there is a whole market of health appliances based on Far Infra Red like FIR heat lamps, FIR emitting Ceramics and Fabrics, FIR Saunas! And, due to their unmatchable healing potential with no side effects; they are selling really high!

You want to know how? Keep Reading.

Health Benefits of Far Infra Red Radiations

Far Infrared Radiations Promote Circulation

We all are aware of the fact that application of heat enhances circulation. Thereby,

  • Helps in delivering more oxygen to the tissues
  • Removes more toxic metabolites from the tissues including the heavy metals and much hated cholesterol as well.

Far Infrared Radiations and Blood Pressure

Because FIRs cause dilation of blood capillaries, blood pressure will expected to reduce. Along with that there is improvement in heart rate, stroke volume and cardiac output or simple heart pumps more blood. (As most of you know Cholesterol is also considered as one of the culprits in blocking minute blood vessels to increase BP and also cause heart attack if it is deposited in coronary vessels.)

Far Infrared Radiations and Immune System

The FIR Therapy boosts Immune system by subtle heating. It is said that it activates the formation of White blood Cells especially the killer T-Cells. And, also reduces the growth of Cancer Cells.

More Benefits of Far Infrared Radiations

Detoxification: Profuse sweating is good way to detoxify the body tissues.

Weight loss: FIRs Boost metabolism by increasing the enzyme activity. An hour of therapy burn 900 calories. Breaking down fats, and cellulite.

Far Infra Red radiations penetrate deep into the body. Gentle heat has pain relieving effect. It also makes connective tissue flexible, permitting more joint movement. . Thereby very effective in relief from arthritis. It has been found very helpful in reducing Chronic Fatigue, Pain, Muscle spasm, Stiffness and Soreness. FIR therapy increases endorphins and promote fast healing. Those who have sleep disorders can take huge advantage from this therapy.

Aren’t these reasons sufficient to try it for once? Now you must be thinking that Why I am promoting it? No, it’s not a sponsored post! I am sharing it because I am witnessing it for myself. You remember the Gangnam Style Post. This one is in continuation with that. It’s been like 20 days I am in to this Health Center and I can share some of the after effects;

  • My evergreen Sneezing fits are under control.
  • My knees used to make noise while walking, Feels like I never had it!
  • My cervical pain visits only if I overdo things.
  • I am not obese but did lose unnecessary fats from the abdominal area!

Well, Research shows that exposure to Far Infra Red Radiation is similar to the effect of physical exercise. Isn’t it an interesting way of staying fit for all the lazy bones out there???

That’s all for now!



Disclaimer: The information given in the post is only for awareness purpose. If you have any of the health issues, please go ahead only after consulting your physician.

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