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College For You Means…?

College has different meaning to different people in various cultures. BUT ONE THING which I have noticed around is that due to the over influence of Bollywood, the very picture of ‘The College’ in our teens is little cloudy.

Or may be it’s me who doesn’t know how exactly a college works!!!!!

I see youthful energy here in different shades of hair colour, and different lengths of dresses, pouting in front of their high-tech cell phones on the roads, the ground, classrooms, corridors, stairs and even in the washrooms. To be honest, I don’t dislike it. It reminds me of those good old days!

I studied in a College quite dominated by Hindus, but technically governed by Christian ideology, and when I say studied, I actually mean studied!!! Whaaaaaat!!!!!I got my first cell phone during my Master’s; weren’t so common back then. So no Facebook, Instagram or Twitter had any pressure on me to always look perrrrrrfect. 

Though I too enjoyed the change, and experimented with makeup and all. But the College made it a point that we never forget the fact that we were not there for a fashion show but to STUDY! Haha.

Opting Science stream added to the misery as the days used to be jam-packed leaving no space for extra things (I hope you understand what does extra during college life mean!)

But Thank goodness, we got rid of the boring uniforms of the schools and few ever furious teachers, who behaved as if we had taken money from them and hadn’t returned!

So you see, my vision of a College is much limited, and it compulsorily revolves around studies. 

PLUS I happened to start my teaching career in a College with the arrangements no different.
So, it shouldn’t sound weird when I say I find it unpalatable when

  •  Students are missing from their classes without any worry! (It makes me worrisome though).
  • Study being last in the priority list, they aren’t interested in any other damn thing!
  • Academic things are being dealt as casual!
  • You mark zeros on their answer sheets thinking do I speak Greek in the class!

Well May be!

May be this is how things work these days, but I am going to need some time to swallow it…

If I focus on motivation, the subject suffers due to lack of time, and if I don’t do my bit, I am not just! it’s the other thing that I try to mix.🤓

So here I am, going through spells of peaking enthusiasm followed by total lack of it, trying to fit in, to follow the middle less bumpy road, which is obviously not the less taken one, which doesn’t guarantee reaching destination but gives the security of landing atleast nearby !!!!

Hope the road isn’t boring, and keep unveiling surprises from curve to curve, and may these be the pleasant ones only!

Fingers crossed.


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  • Miriam Hurdle

    Hi, Mann, you made many important points about college. When I observe the interactions among students, they seem to be concern about a sense of belonging. I actually saw several little circles of students talking, one girl tried to squeeze in one with a big smile, holding hands with another girl. On another occasion, I saw male students had a gathering and had beer drinking contest, dry to prove masculinity among their peers. Yes, socializing takes a great part in their mind, not study or getting the good grades.

    At least you have your teaching career, you go back to get your master degree, so you don’t worry about being accepted as part of their social groups.

    Good luck to your study!

  • Akhila

    Ah..my college, it’s there in my heart always with so many nostalgic thoughts..the hostel room, the mess hall, the library corridor, the acacia park….

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