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Chharma: The Orange Berry Tea From Cold Desert of Himalayas #Instacuppa #superbloggerchallenge

Green tea is a health trend quite ‘in’ these days. But do you know there are some indigenous teas nourishing people and healing them of their ailments for centuries?

Today, I’ll raise curtain from one such Tea. The name of tea, itself, is equally exquisite. It is called “Chharma” and is very popular in one of toughest regions of Himachal Pradesh-Lahaul And Spiti.

What is Chharma?

‘Chharma’ is a tea prepared from the peel of orange berries of a wild Shrub, an endemic variety of Sea buckthorn which grows on the riversides in Lahaul Spiti region-the cold desert of Himachal.

Nutritional Value of Chharma

May be because it is native to such a hardy land, it seems as if Nature has stuffed the Sea Buckthorn plant with all the possible nutrients for the locals who have to see tough, long, cold months of snow all around.

  • Sea buckthorn is considered as one of the most nutrient packed and vitamin rich foods on Earth. The berries are rich in Pro Vitamins like A, B2, and C. Flavonoids and Omega fatty acids are also found is extremely high quantity in these berries.

Benefits of Sipping Chharma

The orange fruits of this gorgeous Himalayan shrub have traditionally been used as nutritional supplement and medicine. Scientific research has further confirmed its effects. There is a reason it is also called a ‘wonder berry’.

  • Regular intake of CHHARMA prevents storage of excess fats in body. Therefore helpful in maintaining a healthy weight.
  • Due to high Vit C content, it enhances Collagen formation. Healthy and glowing skin is the outcome of which or you can say it has anti ageing abilities.
  • Vit C also helps in strengthening immune system.
  • Flavonoids fight oxidative stress.
  • Omega fatty acids which only few foods contain, are good for the health of heart and brain.

Interesting fact about Sea buckthorn- The Juice of This ‘wonder berry’ does not freeze even at sub zero temperatures.

It is said that,

The army of Legendary Genghis Khan also consumed Seabuckthorn because it was believed to improve their memory, stamina, strength and immunity.

You may have heard about Sea buckthorn before but did you know that its magical Tea is in practice for ages in Trans Himalayan regions?

And now that you know it…May be you wish to try it once!And why not? But this is not available everywhere. People mostly buy during their trip to Lahaul or Spiti. I had my Rendezvous with Chharma at my maternal uncle’s place and Now it has entered the Radar. So whenever, my Spiti trip materialises, Chharma is my first ‘to buy’ thing. I am desperate to combine the age old medical wisdom with modern ways of life!

How about steeping these immensly healthy shreds of tea in my ecofriendly Infuser bottle from Instacuppa?

Sounds Berrylicious! Isn’t it?😊


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