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White Bites

Toothed mouth is one of Nature’s best blessings to us. 😁😁 If you have some disagreements, go ask your grandpa! πŸ™…

You are gorgeous, thank your chompers for that!😬

With God’s tremendous grace and to some extent my parents’ kind genes, My set of pearls is still rock strong, and lets me enjoy every flavour that is on offering.

For those who don’t bother knowing, we have four types of teeth, and besides decorating your face with that shining smile, these folks sometimes do the exact opposite!

If you didn’t get my point, ask someone with the enlarged canines on both the jaws!!!!πŸ‘Ή

Yeah they  definitely look different!

But Man! you have no idea!πŸ™„ 

Imagine you are totally savouring some delicacy…one bite, and suddenly…you are like ouch!!!!!!πŸ™Š

Mostly you end up biting your own inner lip…

Whatever you say, please remember

it really hurts!πŸ™Š

PS. It’s not me in the pic 😝😝.

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