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When Your Body Parts Stop Minding Their Business!!

There are some involuntary ‘movements’ in life when your body just refused to obey and you find yourself in an utterly embarrassing situation (if not life threatening). Can you think of any right now? Let me help…

  • You have a very important face to face meeting with a person of repute. Just before entering the room your eyelid starts flickering, badly. You are in a logjam. If you look up, it is going to give bad impression; If you avoid looking straight, you are not confident! All you are thinking is…is it going to flutter now or… now? It doesn’t stop until you are out of the room!
  • A sacred ritual is going on with all sorts of emblems, lamps, flower decoration and smoky aromas filling the ambience. The smoke touches your olfactory epithelium and you are like, ‘Aaa..chh…chhoo!” And, there you are, culprit of invalidating all the good coming out of that ‘God pleasing’ (Sneezing during a holy ceremony, is considered bad omen ;)). As soon as you gain your normalcy, every eye is staring at you and you try to be casual, “oh! It’s nothing. Everything is fine; I am a bit allergic to smok…aaachcheee! And again and again…! Pray to Great God to save you from the curse that people want to cast on you.
  • Very excitingly, you and your partner went out for a movie. You just sat down, lights off, Silence…Movie begins…and you are like…HiccupHicuup…it doesn’t seem to stop. Yeah, Yeah, somebody is badly missing you but what timing! You don’t have a choice but to stand up and move like an unsighted jerk, searching for something to hold with one hand and the other to close the mouth as if it will stop the sound; in fact it becomes louder.;)

I believe everyone suffers from such unintentional awkward functioning of the body part but what is bothering me these days, is the latest insane and out-of-control behaviour of my TONGUE. Yes, you heard it right, my tongue is not at all listening to me and as a result, I have found myself in many embarrassing situations. I consider myself an intelligent person so by all means my mind must be working right but somehow either it’s not paying attention to this altered conduct of the ‘Speech-maker’ or there’s a revolt going on!

There are times when my opinion is absolutely undesired but I am forced to jump in by this Frantic. And there are moments when I can’t stop responding to the comments coming from other side and in the process a lot of damage is done…again not much appreciated. Sometime, I behave unbelievably foolish and later I wonder “why the hell did to say so? It doesn’t suit me!” But truth is I can’t undo the done and unsaid the said. So it’s better if I take charge of my flexible organ soon and tame it. Otherwise there’s no wonder if I end up in isolation. I mean, who wants to hear the truth? No one! Who wants to be cross questioned? No one!

Who wants to be alone? No one! At least not me!

So while you are reading this, I am going to lock my doors and have a long conversation with my ‘gone rebel’ Tongue. I’ll try to convince it to mind its business or there’ll be no business at all…in a while! 😉

Hi I am Mann, a travel enthusiastic woman who loves to explore places along with her family. I don’t understand solo travelling; I need my people around to share the joy of discovering things. My constant travel companions are- Mr CoolHead, my husband and Snow, My only child of 6 years. Follow my blog as I take you to small adventures of my life.


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