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Medical Fitness LOL

Medical Fitness is such an important word. Not only word, Medical fitness is ‘actually’ important in itself! But how many people in our part of the world care about it? All we want is, to stay fit and healthy just like that, without doing much! A few, however, do work for it but most of us just hope. Hope that everything remains excellent. We try every excuse that prevents a hospital visit. Either we pretend of not knowing or we just try to cure things at home. Over the counter aid is also there for help! Isn’t it amazing how much we trust the medical store person?🤔

I’ll be honest; I have been postponing my annual checkup for the last one year. Lazy, I know! 😣 It has already become a biennial thing now. It’s another issue that I am already suffering from a frustrating health condition due to weather change which includes excess sneezing and coughing. I have self diagnosed that I am allergic…allergic to things, not everything though! Some humans are also exception! 😶 Especially, those who can read past! No, not astrologers! I am talking about ‘a’ Homeopath whom I bumped into by chance. First, she did not look like a doctor, and second, her question list was never-ending! Well, when the interrogation sort of ended, I came home with three magical white bottles wherein some potion was sprinkled over the snowy balls! I am taking them diligently though and so is Snow! What to do? Kids think they are just sweet golis! I don’t know much about this way of curing so obviously, I googled some. The mere mention of nano-particles calmed my brain. ‘It will be effective, am sure,’ thinking this I successfully avoided a visit to hospital. What is wrong with me?👻

In the mean time, a requirement to submit a medical fitness certificate arose for some other purpose. And there, only a certificate from a Govt authorized medical officer was acceptable. Medical examination means no food in the morning which is more of a punishment🙈 especially for a person like me whose tummy start making sounds first thing in the morning! Anyways, left with no option, I reached the big hospital well in time, only to see a never-ending queue.🏃

I thought, “Were these people standing here all night? Or did they sleep like this last night and in the morning, they just got up and stood here!”🚶🏃

Patience my friend, is the keyword in a crowd. Someone told me yesterday, Medical exam; it is just a matter of five minutes! Really!🙍

After successful registration, I gazed at the slip, “So many numbers! How is someone supposed to find them?”🙅

May God bless the lady in the office👯 whom I would return every half an hour to enquire about the doctors who are not available at their seats; she guided smilingly.👰

What could be the scariest part of a medical examination? 👹 For some, it may be the withdrawal of blood. But for me, it’s the collection of urine sample. Don’t they have anything bigger? 😵 I mean how one is supposed to urinate in the tiniest possible vial with a mouth which is narrower! …and what if one misses the aim? This is such a messy job!

And I don’t understand that chart used for eye testing till date! While waiting you already have enough time to learn even the smallest letter which could pose some difficulty anyway. They are in mind so what if eye finds it difficult to differentiate. And then they put that frame thingy on your eyes and ask how do you see? You are like ‘little blurry’, then some adjustments… ‘now’? ‘Now it is Clearer’! After some more adjustments…’now’? And you are like ‘This is also good!’ ‘No see properly’. Another round of adjustments…’Now’? and you are like, ‘ Yeah I see everything’. Yes. You are convinced and they hear what they want to. It is really difficult test. At least, I feel so!🤓

The gynaecology Department is a place where you don’t find even an inch to stand! Hundreds of Ladies fanning themselves vigorously, tired but still waiting for their turn. Lacking benches to sit, they were sitting on floor; most of them were expecting mothers. To break the line and go straight seemed like a sin there. But you dare as you know you have multiple other numbers to visit on the same day. 💂

I think a person should be given a fitness-certificate just for standing in long rows for hours, waiting for the turn, climbing the stairs of the hospital up and down like zillion times. Do you think an unfit person would do it? Sardi jukam to kisi ko bhi ho jata he!

Keeping jokes apart, A day in a Govt hospital can set the attitude right; it changes your mind-set. I successfully got a fitness certificate. As I was on my own, I wasn’t expecting much help but did meet some lovely people who went out-of-the-way and surprised me!

Hats off to the doctors who show courage to see and hear such large number of impatient patients who are literally all over them. Still, they manage to speak politely. Doctors are amazing people. Really!

Here is to all the Doctors.

You are the most wonderful tribe of humans.’👥

Disclaimer: It is just a fun post and there is no intention of demeaning any profession. The views expressed are mine and based on personal experience.

Hi I am Mann, a travel enthusiastic woman who loves to explore places along with her family. I don’t understand solo travelling; I need my people around to share the joy of discovering things. My constant travel companions are- Mr CoolHead, my husband and Snow, My only child of 6 years. Follow my blog as I take you to small adventures of my life.


  • Dr.Amrita BASU

    The good news is you are medically fit and have no need for doctors and medicine.Plus you survived .Did you know I work at a Government Hospital in Indias second most(not sure here updated stats not found) populous state!#SuperBloggerAcademy

    • Mann

      Kudos to you. Really. It is impossible to be so polite in such chaos and on top of that treat the diseased. I didn’t know about your working in govt hospital! Tusi great ho ji.

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