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Hospitality By-Chance

Last week, I was at Akshay’s house.

Yes, Akshay! Bollywood’s daring Khiladi… A-k-s-h-a-y K-u-m-a-r!

Akshay and Twinkle, one of my favourite bollywood couples, invited ‘this couple’ for a sleepover in their house. Isn’t it splendid? And you know what in-spite of having a big house; they offered us their own bedroom so that we have a ‘night for life’.

Enthralled, we entered the room having just a bed and a cupboard. We were knocked-for-six.

That is all! Even our bedroom is way more appealing.”

My prying hands reached the handles of the cupboard and…there, opened a whole world in front of my eyes. Some sort of cascade with countless dresses, bags, shoes, jewels and scented candles displayed beautifully; one could literally walk in and through.

I was trying to believe my eyes when we heard a knock at the door! ‘Mr and Mrs Khiladi’ had come to wish sweet dreams. Pointing towards the open treasure, they announced, “This is all yours.”

I covered my mouth with my hands in amazement, “Really!” (You better not be kidding). But controlling my enthusiasm, I said, “Thank you Akki ji. You two are adorable but we can’t accept THAT. You entertained us here wonderfully, it is more than enough and we are totally thrilled.”

Well. This is Twinkle’s plan and you know what! She doesn’t like to hear ‘NO’. Okay (He winked at us). Now, you guys have some rest and we are gonna go.”

I can’t forget how elegantly Twinkle moved out of the room. She Looked gorgeous; I thought I’ll compliment her in the morning and congratulate her on the success of ‘Mrs Funny Bones’ but I never saw them again….

And this week, to my utter amazement, Maharaja of Jodhpur, His-Highness himself wished to see us, in person. Sounds unbelievable! Actually we have won a lucky draw to stay in the royal palace for a few days. (*While we were there last month, I purchased a ticket and look we turned lucky this time). To add to it, we were made to stay in the luxurious ‘Maharani suite’. Now this is way too much to believe.

There I was, living a life of Maharani, sleeping on a soft supple bed and bathing in scented ambience and rose petals soaked water.

There were people even to dress me up; I just had to clap my hands and a ‘Genie’ would appear immediately. No worries to wake-up early and no stress of cleaning-up the domestic mess. I even had the privilege to see those parts of the palace, no commoner ever could ever dream of and I tried to capture each and every happy royal moment cause these were the best and (I guess) only ones of my life.

Finally, the time to bid farewell to all the lavishness came and we expressed our desire to personally thank the Royals. The Maharaja was sitting in a blossoming garden with his Prince.  I appreciated the kind of hospitality that they arranged for us but ‘His Highness’ didn’t pay much attention. I continued, “Your highness! If you ever plan to come to Himachal, do contact us. Though we don’t live there but still if there’s anything, we can do!” (In the back of mind, I was thinking, Why would a Maharaja ever contact an ‘aam aadmi’ (commoner) like me? But still, I had to say something.

This is our card,” Mr CoolHead extended his arm and thank God, His Highness didn’t lose his cool (or we could have been inside their not-so-royal prison, for-good), instead he gestured the prince to take it. Joyously, we left the Royalty behind and boarded our flight back home. The hangover was on; I searched for the camera in my bag to reconfirm whatever happened, happened for real.


Lo! It’s not there. I emptied my bag of all womanly paraphernalia but It’s nowhere. I yelled , “w-h-e-r-e… i-s… m-y… c-a-m-e-r-a?”

Mr CoolHead handed the ‘Thing’ over to me and after feeling the cold frame, suddenly I realized where I actually was! I jumped out of my bed. It was already 7:30 and I was running late for work….:)

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The Palace Tour


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