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Am I famous?

Running from a roasting Sun, and stricken by a bad tummy-ache, I heaved a sigh of relief as I made myself seated in a vacant sun-bathing bus. To my surprise, a voice entered my right ear from nowhere,

Ma’am, can you shift the bag please?

A tall, somewhat dark, and fairly handsome guy was pleading on my right. I scanned the bus in a jiffy and wondered ‘why doesn’t he go and sit somewhere else’!

But I don’t know why, I picked the bag with the left hand (as my right hand was busy holding the aching tummy) and he joined me.

The pain was simply sucking life out of me, and it was becoming difficult to wait any more. Soon the engine roared and we were on the go.

The fellow looked towards me in excitement and almost yelled,

He: I… know you!

I: Really!

(Am I this famous? Has he recognized that I am Mann from AfterGlow? I forgot the pain for a sec.)

He: Yeah…You… are… a professor in the University.

Damn! 🙁

I: Nope. (I cut it short.)

He: You must be working here?

I: Na!

He: Why were you here? Relatives!

I: Yes.

He: Where are you headed to?

This person was surely going to bog me down whole time but I still tried to be sweet,

I: where this bus is going! (I pointed towards the board in the bus front)

He: By the way…What do you do?

Now it was time to draw a line.

I: Listen young man! I am already much troubled. If you excuse me, I just want to sit quiet.

He: I understand. Not only you, everyone is troubled by this killing heat. What to do? Rab mee ni barsanda! (God is not letting rains down!)

Thinking him idiot, I ignored and looked out. He continued mumbling…

He: Very high ji…the temperature. Bahar da vi te loka da vi (he was trying to convey that my temper is equally high as the temperature outside). I thought let it be.

After a while, the conductor came for the tickets and he again turned to me,

He: This bus goes there? (asking about a station)

Was I his guide or some sort of entertainer?

I: Ask him! (I pointed towards the conductor)

He: Where will you be getting off the bus?

I: How does that concern you Mister?

He: Because I am sitting with you, Na.      

I: Oh I see. If that is the thing, would you mind straightening your vertebral column and reducing the circumference of your legs, a bit?

He: Oh sure ji.

I: Thank you. Now you sit here as wide as you want and as long as you feel because I am leaving.

And I went ahead to sit on single seat.

Soon he followed in the parallel row. He started to scare me. So I had to stay alert.

Just the day before, I watched the movie Fan and I saw how obsessed these fans become (don’t laugh). So this whole time, I kept thinking, will he be keeping an eye where I am gonna disembark? What if he follows me? What will be my reaction? Should I fool him by getting down at some other stoppage? or should I make scene in public? Do I have my cell charged? I preplanned a few things if anything happens.

And you know as I got off the bus, nothing of this sort happened. I was not at all followed. 😉

So, does it mean, I am not famous yet?

or May be!

No, obviously…I am not. (Now you can laugh out loud.) 🙂



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