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Dwarka: The Gateway To Heaven #blogchattera2z

I hope you enjoyed our last virtual trip to the Snowy Kingdom of Chitkul. Now let the us go to a place related dearly with Lord Krishna’s life and sadly, also with his departure from Earth. So, forget everything  and be ready ti be blown away by the Westerlie winds of Dwarka: The gateway to heaven!

Dwarka: The location

It’s a holy city situated on the coast of Arabian Sea, in Northwestern Indian State of Gujarat.

Why we visited Dwarka?

Dwarka was part of our latest Gujarat exploration. It was included in the internary, first, because of being one of the Char Dhams (Hindu pilgrimage Site) and we wanted to take my parents-in-law there to pay obiesance in the holy feet of Lord. Second, Gujarat has the largets coastal line, it promises enough beaches!

Dwarka: What was expected?

Being one of the four Dhams, we were hoping to see-

  • A lot of crazy crowd
  • Very demanding religious men
  • Dirty water bodies and beaches

Dwarka: When We Met

‘It’s a small station’, was the first thing I said on getting off the train. Our stay at Bansi hotel was quite comfortable. Point to mention- they don’t serve food!

We had two days and one night to explore the ancient city which were definitely used it to the max. First day in Beyt Dwarka and second, in main Dwraka.

Interesting points:-

The beyt Dwarka (Island) was probably the house of lord Krishna and Dwarka city was where he ran his kingdom. Taking taxi is always the easy way out and we resort to it only if there is no other option. with an urge to meet local people, and feel the actual beat of the place, we often prefer to travel like locals. We did the same here and reached the bus stop of Dwarka to catch a bus to Beyt Dwarka.

Surprisingly, much of the writing in public is done in Gujarati, hence boarding the right bus was obviously a tough nut to crack. Thankfully, we were successful in deciphering Okha…which appeared morelike Ojha!😆

Beyt Dwarka

Beyt Dwarka is an island and it can be reached only by ferry from Okha. Most of the ferries have multiple flags in addition to The Indian Tricolour Flag which I didn’t understand why? The flock of hawks hover overhead throughout the boat ride, making the trippers crazier.

Majority of people living and getting employment in and around this Hindu religious place were muslims which is an amazing example of religious harmony!

The temple remain closed for pretty much three hours, resulting in a huge build up of devotees. So, my first expectation of a crazy crowd was fulfilled! Also, I noticed that Cattle outnumbered humans!

Dwarka City

Major attraction of the city is Majestic Dwarkadheesh temple. It wasn’t surprising to see the never ending beeline of devouts. I, had clear Darshana from distance and happily bowed to the deity with folded hands. Hopefully, he saw me too!😊

The experience with pundits here was surprisingly amicable! They didn’t ask for anything which was totally opposite to my expectation and I was glad! There was not much to do during night because the Sudama setu closes in night. therefore, either you roam in the streets of Dwarka or go and take rest; we did both!

Next day, it was Dwarka local sight seeing day. First and foremost, tickets to cross the Sudama setu were bought. We could clearly see the Main temple and Gomti Ghat. Whereas, I know that Gomti river is in UP, why Gomti ‘ghat’ is here, about this I was cluless, still am! The river bed seemed empty, people were roaming under the bridge (Sudamasetu) and having good time.

Upon moving further, we reached the confluence of Gomti with Arabian sea. The beach here just stole my heart. My assumption number three was also rejected here; for I haven’t seen a cleaner beach in India of how many I have seen till now. You can see the white sea bottom, ahich invites for long walk in the water too far. This journey filled our heart with joy and divinity. The moment we were returning from the beach something amazing happened. Do you want to know what? FOR THAT YOU NEED TO WATCH THE VIDEO?

I pray Lord Krishna keep blessing you 24*7. Overloaded with devotion and admiration, I think it’s time we move on to the next station. Let’s say it’s time to go wild! See you tomorrow.



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