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A to Z Challenge

Zootopia And Oriental Afterglow: My Happy Places #blogchattera2z

Hello my dear Readers,

This is the last post for Blogchatter A to Z. If you have followed me through April, you must be knowing that my theme for this challenge was ‘When We Met”. It was a collection of varied experiences in different places while travelling. My main motive was to present travel as fun as well as learning. I hope you liked the series. Motivated by your comments, I am also planning to take a bigger leap. Thanks for giving me the confidence.Today, I am sealing the A to Z challenge with a post by letting ‘you’, my readers, know more about me. So yeah…last post for ‘When We Met…goes here.

My Name Is Not Just Mann

I blog with the name Mann. No…it’s not a pen name but you can say it’s my half name. The name which I often use while doing stuff that interests me, things that my heart tells me to do, Mann accomplish it all for me-Travelling,Writing or Blogging etc to name a few.

My other half, ‘Zooo’ is busy doing justice to my passion and the degrees I have earned in my life. I am a Doctorate in Zoology and totally in love with my Zootopia.The ‘Zooo’ part of me is bit practical and it stays excited to go on work all days of week. There is no word like Monday blues in its dictionary. The moment it enters the class full of learners, ‘Zooo’ totally immerses itself in Zoology.

The hearty ‘Mann’ and brainy ‘Zooo’ together form a Wonderful Me – MannZooo…Manju! Yup…That’s ME!

I am a Mountain Girl by Hearth and Home

I live in a place where Spring means Mustard blooms! Winters are not deadly; warmth of day sun or a seat next to fire-place is more than enough to make do. Where Summers are breezy not squeezy,ย and Monsoons instead of clogging, rejuvenate the soil and soul. I live in Himachal.

I Travel For The Love Of It

Seeing new places is my second love; being in undiscovered places is first! I love to share the joy of travelling with family and friends sometimes by taking them along, in photos and videos otherwise. My husband, Mr Coolhead and my daughter, Snow are my constant companions in all explorations.Unlike many people, travel is not at all a mean of escape for me. I am not bored of my regular job. In fact, I am grateful that I have one. Because there is a great sense of security and satisfaction that comes with my job. I earn, save, and travel. My small savings may not take me far, but they certainly take me somewhere I have never been and that is magnificent!

Why Do I blog?

I always liked to make elaborate stories from day-to-day life. Blogging gave me a chance to share them with the world. It is this yearning to share stories that keeps me up late at night in front of the laptop finding suitable words and weaving them in to stories. So, if you like to read simple words flowing straight from heart, do subscribe to my blog.

Why I named My Blog Oriental AfterGlow?

Being born and brought up in the Oriental realm of the Planet, outer Himalayas to be specific (Not in caves, if someone is curious! ), as a child, I have rolled in pollution-free dirt, slid over natural grasslands, jumped in sparkling water of natural streams in neighbourhood, pursued tiny fishes and bottled them up, and watched them wide-eyed twirling around. I remember climbing trees effortlessly, gullying and lying low for hours in fields. It is impossible to forget that breathless yet enthused scaling to hill tops only to witness AfterGlow-the stunning hues of sky during the setting of Sun.Nature has been an integral part of my life all along.
In addition to that sky born AfterGlow, all the memories of Childhood are deeply engraved in my soul; glowing and warming my heart and soul, never letting the child in me die. That’s the reason I could not find any other name for my blog.

What Have I achieved from This Blog?

The confidence that I can write, I can express; The courage that I can share what I write; The strength not to mind the neglect; The euphoria of doing something different. Where do you think it all came from? Blogging!I came to know many wonderful humans through blogging. I had opportunities to learn so much from the veterans. And how not to mention, I won the first runner-up title in my very first Blogging Challenge! Now, I am almost at the door of becoming a published author. Whether I open it or not that decision is obviously mine! Achievements are measured with how much efforts we put into them.

I know, and I am happy that directly or indirectly…there are minds getting inspired and that is the biggest achievement of all!

I think that’s enough for a post. Keep shining. Keep spreading love and light to the world.This is Mann signing off. Don’t forget to share something about you in the comment section.Ciao!

Hi I am Mann, a travel enthusiastic woman who loves to explore places along with her family. I donโ€™t understand solo travelling; I need my people around to share the joy of discovering things. My constant travel companions are- Mr CoolHead, my husband and Snow, My only child of 6 years. Follow my blog as I take you to small adventures of my life.


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