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Belgaum: The Bamboo Village #blochattera2z

I hope Tour de Ahmedabad was an interesting read for you.

Most of us love travelling; it refreshes our minds. Some journeys, however, also give unforgettable lessons for life. So folks…collect your stuff…Next you are going on one such journey of four voyagers; my husband, mom-dad and me, from Goa to Belgaum.

Belgaum: The location

It’s a City in northern Karnataka. Also known as Belagavi, Venugram and Bamboo Village.

Why we visited Belgaum?

Long time ago, we went on a fun vacation to Goa. After this, the plan was to visit Belgaum as we had to pick my sister up on the way back home.

The Story began well Before We Met Belgaum

A Luxury bus runs between Goa and Belgaum but couldn’t make it back last night; it was stuck on the way. This meant either we needed to wait till next day or go the same day but by an ordinary bus! Obviously, we decided to go for the latter option.

The bus started and soon, we were moving through a thick forest. Minutes passed, hours passed but the jungle didn’t seem to come to an end! No habitations; No signs of civilization. Meanwhile, a thought crossed my mind, “what if something goes wrong with the bus?” and guess what? The bus did come to a halt! I could barely see outside due to overflowing passengers. ‘What’s the matter?’ I enquired.

The bus actually broke! Can you believe it?

Everybody started relieving the bus of their loads. Papa suggested that we should also get out of the bus and join the crowd. So, there we were, four Northern natives, standing on the roadside in the middle of a jungle in the South, with loads of luggage, waiting for help, which may never come!

After much wait, a vehicular sound was heard and everybody was on guards. It was a tempo. Co-passengers ran to catch it with all their might and… left. We didn’t bother much as we believe in “there is always a next time” philosophy.😆

After what appeared like ages, a ray of hope came in the form of a giant truck. People shouted…with joy, I guess. Everyone was trying to get on that ‘gianto’ from every possible end. It was so huge; I was wondering why don’t they carry a ladder along? 🤔

My father is a courageous man and was the first of us four to make it to the top. He lowered his hand and asked to hold it and come up. As easy as it may seem, I went nearer just to realize that I was smaller even the tyre wheels. I was so damn irritated till then. People sat on the dirty floor; I preferred standing, again not a good idea!

I don’t know if it was the height of the truck or the super bad condition of the road but all that I remember is that I was swinging in all directions with a bang every now and then. To make the matter worse, the Sun overhead was at its hottest. Each and every part of my body was agitating and my head started throbbing, (Migraine). I was going through the worst nightmare of my life.

“A station will come soon-after where a bus comes from Belgaum side in every 20 minutes,” someone just yelled.

Taking it as God’s endorsement, we got off the truck. It was a small country hub. Slowly time started flying; so did the hope that we had some time ago.🙄

Many twenty minutes passed, no bus was to be seen! Locals told us in a very casual manner, “Bus aati to he, kabhi nahi bhi aati he” (the bus comes sometime; at other, it doesn’t)!

‘Great! Whose idea was it to get down of that ‘handsome’ truck?’ I thought.

I just kept the thought to myself cause I knew it was mine.To add to our misery, even the auto drivers refused to cross their territories. We did a lot of negotiation and somehow reached an agreement (of course it involved big bucks for 10 km). We felt relieved.

But see the travesty of time; we hardly moved 100 meters, and the road started getting better and better. Even the long awaited bus crossed us after a while. Wow!

Soon the signs of a city became visible and there we were, in Belgaum…Finally.

What if I tell you…the hardships didn’t end here…next, we travelled across the length of Indian subcontinent from south to the north, in a train without any booking! Thanks to my lovely sister for the weirdest train experience that one can have. But that’s a long story again…may be some other time.

The lessons which I learned from this journey were plenty but best that I still follow is,

‘If travelling far with a family, never go unplanned!’ 🤗


Two posts of b for bizzarre are enough…

Tomorrow, it’s time to “C for cool” your heads in icy “C for Chitkul”. So…Stay tuned.

Hi I am Mann, a travel enthusiastic woman who loves to explore places along with her family. I don’t understand solo travelling; I need my people around to share the joy of discovering things. My constant travel companions are- Mr CoolHead, my husband and Snow, My only child of 6 years. Follow my blog as I take you to small adventures of my life.


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