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Tolerance versus Common-sense

Few days back I happen to come across a blog regarding INDIA, The foreign writer shared many good and bad experiences while his stay here. Though I might be upset for many things but at the same time, I have more reasons to love my country and definitely felt offended at certain points and thought, “How could someone be so judgemental?”

I mean, “Not every street of this second most populous country in the world is dung-stained! And not all Indians, sleep anywhere they find a space to fit in (we do have descent homes!).You may have a privilege to live a life which many Indians or many humans, for that matter, might envy but how can you ‘tag’ every countryman with strange adjectives? Well, my dear friend, let me tell you, I am very liberal and I know it’s just an opinion that you aired based on what you experienced while your brief stay here and trust me, opinions do change!”

tolerance 1

Even WE get irritated by umpteen things in our country and it’s a human problem to irritate and get irritated then how does it apply to people of any special nationality.

His words pierced like thorns but at the same time I couldn’t ignore the REALITY, evident in them. People write FOUL only because we give them such an impression. What’s happening in our country is contributing to our GLOBAL IMAGE. It’s high time we mind our actions and clean this tainted image of our COUNTRY to make it a BETTER if not PERFECT place to live. By the way, which place on earth is just perfect?

One statement of this article which I found most interesting is that Indians are ‘LOUD’ and if I understand it correctly he meant INDIANS are NOISY. Here I somewhat comply with him; one can easily spot us loud while expressing our emotions whether it’s a birth, death, marriage or any religious act; it’s going to be loud!

I am kind of tolerant to this TEMPORARY LOUD EXPRESSION of emotion! But it also gets on my nerves when this loudness crosses a THRESHOLD. Tell you something, “My life is on a constant ‘LOUDER’ side for the last one week.”

No, I am not insane!”

There’s park outside my house and some sort of religious act is on, for past 6-7 days. Initially it was okay with me (I am tolerant, remember!) but imagine a situation when you find yourself shouting your throat out, still couldn’t convey the message to your co-inhabitant. You CAN’T TALK, READ, SLEEP or for that matter, LIVE ‘normally’. The EXTREMELY religious people make it a point not to spare any LESS religious person and let each and every word be HEARD. What are you supposed to do if not go with the flow? Messing with someone’s religious sentiments might cost you huge!

Hence, I started dancing to their tunes and doing SUCH domestic tasks which require NO communication; NO relaxation. ‘There’s a hope that it is going to end by 7.00 pm, every evening’. But this LOUDNESS kept getting louder and louder one evening, not taking the name to pause. I came out to enquire whether the person in-charge, just forgot to switch-off the loudspeaker or what?

New revelation- The neighbours in-front, are celebrating their son’s birthday hence are into some religious deed. Good for them and God bless the young man but what is the need to do it so loudly. Why can’t they keep their LOUD HAPPINESS to themselves, at least now, when we are already going through much!


But No one can help it; it has to be borne (downside of being TOLERANT?)

Thus for two more days, our neighbourhood was VIBRATING, BUZZING and LOUD, so to say and our life WORDLESS, RESTLESS and CLUELESS!

But today when I reached home, a heavenly SILENCE was widespread; Yay! We have been given our PEACE back and now we can be ourselves?

This incidence has got me thinking what life could become without external peace (forget internal). Let us be little LESS LOUD!

My advice to the tolerant breed: it’s good to be flexible and tolerant but don’t let anyone take advantage of it.

My request to every fellow human:


Use some common-sense and understand that others do have a life. GIVE them their share of space. Temporary loudness is bearable but its extension is not ‘PLEASING’ at all.

REMEMBER: If it’s was your turn to be HAPPY and LOUD, today; tomorrow it will be theirs. Nobody’s defying your right to be HAPPY…BE!

 BUT just go easy on SHOWING IT OFF! 🙂






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  • Imran Ali

    What we do see depends mainly on what we look for. … In the same field the farmer will notice the crop, the geologists the fossils, botanists the flowers, artists the colouring, sportmen the cover for the game. Though we may all look at the same things, it does not all follow that we should see them.

  • buddy71

    though i have never visited your country, i have watched many a tv program about your country. much like any other country one can find beauty and despair. i have traveled to many countries and i have seen some ugly things and people but that would not make me decide this is how the country and the people are. tolerance and common sense is needed indeed.

    a nice write

  • Pratyusha

    That’s an amazing eye opener post dear. Very well written ! And unfortunately it’s true. We all Indians should definately think about cleaning our image at the global levels. And I say, Cleaning of our minds, thinking and then acting. Lovely post again !!

  • Sha'Tara

    Increasing pointless noise is a global issue – same problems here, in southern BC, Canada, and cities thrum with boom-box cars – all blatantly illegal and nothing being done about it. increasingly also, birthday parties are turning into nothing but noise fests, with attendant drugs and booze. Two things combine to make peoples’ live smaller and more meaningless: overpopulation and technology – a bad mix. If people gave meaning to their lives they would not have to loudly advertise their lack of taste and stupidity, because make no mistake, those who insist on being loud are advertising nothing more than rank stupidity, worse than animal behaviour.
    There is a definite dummying down of global Earthian society taking place, and we need to be aware of this as it has entered an exponential downward trend and is leading to global societal disaster.
    As for countries, no one is any better than any other. As bordered concepts, they are artificial constructs and people should pay no attention to whatever is being said about this or that “nation” – it’s really meaningless. People feel attacked when their “country” is being sullied (or its truth is being exposed) because of attachment to an artificial construct. If it wasn’t for the brainwash of patriotism it would be much more difficult for the manipulators to foment wars. If people remembered that they are people, not nationalities, or races, or exclusive societies such as religions and organized political groups, you could actually have relative peace here, even with such massive overpopulation as 7+ billions. It will never happen, but it is always within the realm of possibility.

    • Mann Kaundal

      Well first of all thank you so much for sparing time to read the post and giving your opinion. I really appreciate it.
      You are absolutely right we humans should not bind ourselves to things like nationalities, races or religions because these are the basis of all kind of unrest in world. But you wont deny the fact that such things have always been there and I don’t know, will stay there for how long?
      What I wanted to point in my post is that It’s okay to give our opinion on anything but lets be little specific while doing so and be a little compassionate towards humanity.

  • Parveen Sabharwal

    Great I love my country like you said. I have visited a number of countries but the touch we Indisns have is nowhere visible even in the most advanced countries. People have started following our values and feel like visiting this great country. We are a country of 120 millions and those who talk rubbish about us forget to understand the diversity of this great nation.

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