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To Err is, ‘Who’ Mann!


I am a vivid reader of Times of India, the daily Newspaper. The most important thing that I look forward to is the “Speaking Tree” wisdom in it. Since I am on outstation duty these days, I am not getting the necessary dose of wisdom and am literally craving for it.

And Today when I got a chance to sneak in to a library, the first thing my eyes searched for, was obviously the Newspaper and I grabbed two three copies and settled on a table and scanned them one by one-

First copy said 21 November, 2015, Saturday. I hunted for the page and consumed the words to satiety followed by 22 Nov 2015, Sunday. It contains volumes of information and Mrs. Funny Bones by Twinkle Khanna; I read it word to word.

Picking the third copy, I looked at the date, it said 23 November, 2015, Saturday. What? Did I just witness the smallest week ever where Saturday came just after Sunday? I forgot about Speaking Tree for a moment and in clear amazement kept looking at this BLUNDER on the top of front page of this renowned Daily….

In the afternoon, I was called upon by the examination centre chief.

He said, “We are having Zoology exam as per schedule and we have received the question papers of Botany instead. Please spare some time and confirm if it’s botany or zoology?”

They handed an envelope having ZOOLOGY written over it. Seal was opened and inside the question papers read botany! Wow! Then they did some shuffling and handed another envelope having BOTANY written over it. They opened the Seal and still the question papers were with a title i.e.  BOTANY!

“What the hell! Inside Zoology we find Botany; inside Botany there’s Botany again! Where’s on earth is Zoology then?” he almost pulled his hair.

I took the papers and checked the questions and confirmed that actually the papers with a title of Botany contained questions of Zoology itself. They have committed a mistake on top of the front page, that’s it.

It was problematic especially for a person with humanity background and they thanked a science person (I) for timely help.

I was left thinking-

Two totally different things,

with totally different impacts

but look who’s responsible for them;

people who ought to be MOST RESPONSIBLE!

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  • Sha'Tara

    Murphy’s Law? I just received a post from Jon Rappoport, one of his challenging short stories, this one called “The Time Agency” dealing with the breakdown of time, with different time periods and eras, past and future, popping up all over the map, sometimes a difference of a thousand years from one side of the street to the other, and the Agency (solid Reality) desperate to hold on to the Status Quo doing its best to keep people misinformed about the flexibility of time/space. If you know some of your own past lives and if you’ve travelled into the future you can readily understand the frustration of the “Time Agency” and their hopeless attempts to hold the lid on our actual non-material, non quantifiable reality. We are a lot more than meat puppets.

    With the increased “concerns” over climate change, resource wars, over-population, terrorism and all the rest of the unrests, maybe we’re seeing the old reality beginning to break up (or is that “down!”) and beginning to experience cracks and rifts in the breakdowns of society which include breakdowns in cross-checking facts-such as you mentioned for after all, what is “society” but an invention of the Matrix held together by cobbled “facts.” Everything is speeding up and we may be at the start of experiencing singularities, perhaps small at first, but growing in scope and effect. I’m ready for the ride, are you? “Forget everything you know, or think you know…”

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