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“Not Me But You”

“Serving others without expecting anything back!”


 “Putting others before you!”

Altruism, Hmmm! Sounds good but pretty unreal, at least in today’s world.

But don’t we keep hearing about people, going an extra mile, doing unbelievable things, and guess what, expecting NOTHING in return! I mean really!

Twenty-four-year old, Mr Roman Saini, gathered public applause for opening a free on-line tuition academy known as ‘Un-Academy’. The important thing is, he did so after resigning from a job of the most prestigious rank (IAS) in our country. Plus, he too is a certified medico. Kudos to him; he must be a courageous unselfish man but one thing that kept bothering me while reading the NEWS was, “He resigned just after two years of his job! How will he pay his bills?”

(Ordinary me, he must be having some back-up plans!)

Well ordinary people like me can’t think of leaving their beloved jobs, partly, because they love money and partly, because they are not  genius like him! 😉

Then I thought, “Do I have to be a ‘genius’ to serve people selflessly? No! I assume. I can serve the Nation right from where I am standing NOW i.e. an educational Institution and I think, I am doing good :).”

In my opinion, serving others comes natural to us and being unselfish depends on time and upbringing. I hope you must have heard about NSS (National Service Scheme) with a motto, ‘NOT ME BUT YOU’. It is part of the academic curricula here and camps are organized regularly, to serve the community (I am not sure about selflessness). Students get enrolled to NSS at the time of admission only. Problem is they don’t have even the slightest idea what NSS is all about; they just go with the flow until one day when they are face to face with real action during the NSS camp.

We are having a ‘7-days’ camp these days in which students mostly are involved in cleaning of the surroundings and spreading awareness regarding various social issues. But the question is, “How aware are they themselves?” Because what I have seen on their faces and in their actions, seems to be a feeling of ‘regret’ and ‘helplessness’. Undoubtedly, they are contributing but the efforts are not wilful. They do so because they have to, not because they want to do!

Funny part is- we are teaching them to serve the community and also expecting that they should be treated with refreshments and hot steaming food! Where is selfless thing here?

I am not against Students or anybody. I totally support them. My point is, why push someone when the will to serve ‘selflessly’ is absent? In-fact we are making them hate, serving others, for good. They are supposed to love ‘serving’ without expecting anything for them. Aren’t they? Why don’t we help them realize their role in the community and then ask to contribute, wholeheartedly? Is it really much to ask?

Okay, enough is said but let me tell you the good side of the coin. Our campus is shining clean, thanks to the unwilling efforts of poor students. Out of disappointment, they uprooted all the superfluous weeds. The yellow marigold and pink roses are standing tall, glorifying as if looking down at the wilting weeds and saying,

“Serving time is over for someone,

and today that someone is,


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Hi I am Mann, a travel enthusiastic woman who loves to explore places along with her family. I don’t understand solo travelling; I need my people around to share the joy of discovering things. My constant travel companions are- Mr CoolHead, my husband and Snow, My only child of 6 years. Follow my blog as I take you to small adventures of my life.


  • Bushka

    May not be that evident in ‘Our World’, but it does not make it less an ‘Ideal’ to which to aspire…….We don’t have to do others as they do to us…..Rather…as we would like them to do to us….. 😉 Cloud Cuckoo Land? I’d still opt for that….. Hugs!

  • Swetha M

    Great post! Absolutely right on the point of forcing/ pushing people to carry out acts of selfless service when they don’t feel within them. In my opinion, nobody has to go save the world but small selfless acts everyday or so can help build that feel-good factor thereby inspiring one to do more, give more without expecting anything back.

  • bklynboy59

    This is the Me Generation and everything is about Me for me and about Me so when you are asking the ME generation to do something to benefit others you are going against their grain. The comment above made a good point the desire to serve others ultimately has to come from within one’s self.

  • Sha'Tara

    Selflessness, the innate desire to serve others compassionately cannot be taught: that’s lesson number one. It can be demonstrated, but not for the purpose of demonstration(!) but by one who has made it her purpose in life to serve others, and yes, without any expectations. That’s the thing with compassion: it has no expectations of anyone but is a Master Teacher to the one who accepts it as a way of life. That sort of life is based strictly upon free choice through self empowerment. Any kind of pushing, or driving, or forcing, or joining up in groups to “serve” as history amply demonstrates at every turn is useless. One individual makes that choice, takes that path and that’s it. If another notices and feels that same calling to selfless servant-hood, then that’s just one individual self-motivated to do so. It isn’t two individuals. If several begin to walk a similar path, it isn’t a group, or a movement, or a measurable change in society’s mindset: it’s just self-empowered individuals choosing moment by moment to be servants because their compassion calls them to this and they will never seek to join with one-another to “increase” their “effectiveness.” This path is the path of the spirit Warrior and it is walked alone, always alone. It’s about personal change, each individual re-inventing herself as she goes through the lessons brought forth by compassion. Finally, any “service” done without compassion is ultimately worthless, even if it reaps a Nobel peace prize. That’s what seventy years of life seeking to serve others in order the change myself has taught me… so far.

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