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LIFE: Leave ‘IF’ and Live ‘IT’


What do you call that ‘thing’ when you come so close to success and then… you just don’t make it!

And not only once but say…countless times….

The first thing that comes to mind is obviously…lack of sincerity in the preparation to reach your goal!

Yeah that’s the best possible cause but…did you notice…I said… so close (Picture me, making a gesture with my thumb and index finger) and how come every-time!!!

No one would be naive to always reach a specific ‘near-win’ point and then just give up!

Then what goes wrong?

I call it D-E-S-T-I-N-Y…a thing mostly denied still trusted by all with our full heart!

They say destiny is fixed beforehand…whether we like it or not…we are going to eventually end up…where we are supposed to be. That doesn’t mean we stop doing things considering all our efforts may go in vain.…Even if we sometime think of doing so, that again will lead us to the place where we ought-to-be!

Ever tried fighting your destiny?

Trust me, I have…No use!


Till then No worry, No stress, and No daydreaming!

All you have to do is…

Wake up with-a-start every morning,

 Look fabulous throughout the day,

Work tirelessly till the sundown and beyond,

And every night sleep with a wonderment,

“What would tomorrow be like?”


Hi I am Mann, a travel enthusiastic woman who loves to explore places along with her family. I don’t understand solo travelling; I need my people around to share the joy of discovering things. My constant travel companions are- Mr CoolHead, my husband and Snow, My only child of 6 years. Follow my blog as I take you to small adventures of my life.


  • Akhila


    But what i feel is if you are at the right place at the right time, everything will fall in its place automatically..

  • Sha'Tara

    Hmmm… No, can’t accept any concept of “destiny” – too much like predestination, a pernicious Christian doctrine that causes nothing but despair. Since it is impossible to know one’s “destiny” or how one is “predestined” to live and die, the concepts become irrelevant to living one’s life. I choose self-empowerment, and I create my own destiny from past lives (remembrances), from changes I’ve made in this life, and from study of future lives. As long as I can choose who I want to be, no destiny can claim me. My take on it.

    • Mann

      Hey Sha’tara,
      Totally love your presence on board and humbly respect your take on destiny… I respect those people who have an opinion and they stand by it no matter what! (i m very likely to deviate 😉).
      For me… Blogging is quite situational. I write what I feel at the moment and there are great chances that I may contradict my own words! But then that’s the beauty of knowing many things, and not knowing everything!
      And its the unknown, the unattained, that amazes us… Not the known.
      No doubt we learn through our life journey and get better day by day… But what’s the purpose of this journey? Why are we on it? Why was I born in India and you in France (if I am right)? Who’s deciding this? There are many questions which bother too much and are better left to the credit of destiny, I guess or do you have something to say…I am eager to be enlightened. 😊

      • Sha'Tara

        Hey Mann! Knowing and not knowing – we are always in between both! Life is like driving a car. You are licensed to drive it, and you know that it gets you from point “A” to point “B” because that’s all you need to know about it. But how does it run? And the road it runs on, how is that put together? So we know, and we don’t know and we readily accept that which we don’t know because we think we don’t need to know. That’s trusting in destiny. What does it mean to be a human being? People assume that is what they are because they are told that is what they are, but what does it mean? Is it enough to believe it? Sadly, it isn’t because if people were human beings, all of the terrible things they do to each other they could never do! A human being is beyond destiny because s/he takes responsibility for everything about its life and carries the weight of consequences. If one believes “in” destiny then one is not accountable for consequences from one’s thoughts and acts – that would be a contradiction. Because people believe many things that are not true, their lives are confused, angry, distorted, forgetful and very often violent. What replaces belief? Knowledge. The more knowledge one possesses, the less belief one needs. I’ll add this: you never have to worry about running out of mysteries; of things you cannot know! The more one learns and knows, the more the cosmos opens to new and yet unknown vistas. Enjoy the day!

    • Mann

      Well… It’s in our nature to forget things… Isn’t it?
      That’s the purpose of writing such stuff… To Remember that we can’t control everything… but we can always chose to live with the present… However it is!
      Btw thankyou for a pleasant visit here.

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