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I Am Empowered!!!Yes I Am.

Empowerment is buzz word. Isn’t it? But mostly it reaches our organ of corti as…Women Empowerment!!!!

I have never heard MEN EMPOWERMENT which obviously implies they are empowered enough already. My question is what is it that makes us think so? What is it that hinders women from attaining it? Or is it right to say that women only need to be empowered? What if we refer to it as Human Empowerment? Wouldn’t that be great; applying equally to all the creations of Nature, whether it’s Man, woman, or the other gender!

We mostly assume that we are empowered by financial status which is true to a greater extent, but what about the minds which badly need amendments; the Eyes which need to see beyond the usual black and white; the ears which need to learn to chose melody from noise; the Heart that not only needs to stay in rhythm but pump compassion with every beat; the hands which need to work more for spreading light, not to pick props to fight; and above all the mighty tongue which needs to learn when to make a move, and when it should take a pause!
Don’t you think we need to work on ourself in the time laboratory of real life; We need to deeply analyse, improve, and then express to actually known as ’empowered’.

I researched on my ‘own’database (in my mind), and gladly I consider myself empowered. I came across times,

  • When I spoke my mind clearly without feeling guilty, and intelligently without hurting the sentiments of others.
  • When I bore criticism without feeling offensive, and picked the positivity, not letting the negativity enslave me at any cost.
  • When I understood that the person in front is also a human, therefore has limited cranial capacity like everyone else.  I allowed him/her some mistakes.it’s okay.
  • When Inspite of  dreaming big, I never forgot the reality of what I presently am, and where I come from? I knew my calibre, and my limits very well. I chose not to let anything affect my optimistic state of mind.
  • When  wishing good for everyone, I also knew that I am not a Masih! All I did was just be my gentlest, sweetest, and kindest version possible,(but yeah, always keeping in mind the terms and conditions which do apply at places).
  • When I showed courage to take full responsibility for my actions, and their outcomes. Lacking the habit of blaming others, that way, I focussed more on solutions rather than discussing the problem time and again.
  • When life showered it’s blessings, I never let the success rode my head. I tried to be humble, knowing the fact, nothing is permanent here.
  • When knowing what I want; or what I deserve; I thanked God for giving atleast, what I have?

Being down to earth, grateful, and forgiving are definitely the virtues  of empowered. We all need loving people in life but I know that love can’t be forced ; only ticket to people’s heart is by earning it through right actions. And , You know what I have found the best  thing to do is : LOVE  YOURSELF first. You give what you have!

Nature has already equipped us with infinite Power. What we need is to identify it…use it…not just live with it….


Hi I am Mann, a travel enthusiastic woman who loves to explore places along with her family. I don’t understand solo travelling; I need my people around to share the joy of discovering things. My constant travel companions are- Mr CoolHead, my husband and Snow, My only child of 6 years. Follow my blog as I take you to small adventures of my life.


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