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Human…be Humane

Human being is considered as the most beautiful and the most advanced creation of Nature. Moreover, human brain is said to be most superior in the entire animal kingdom and is said to be the reason for its dominance on planet Earth.


At times, I think what is it that makes human so advanced? It eats, sleeps, and breeds; just like any other animal. In between, it works just to make sure that it continues to eat, sleep and breed.

So what makes human, a “Human” and other animals less “Human”.

  • Humans form families: So do many other animals.
  • Humans form societies and demonstrate division of labour: Obelia, a Sea-fur (meagrely, an animal for a layman), forms colonies where different types of individuals stay together and perform their specific function as decided by Nature and need. Honey bees, ants, termites and wasps etc., all live in societies and exceptional harmony. Not to mention that these societies are headed by a female i.e. queen.
  • Expression and analysis: Language is the biggest tool of human kind. But there are plenty other animals who use more efficient ways of communication. They utilize the same energy in other purposeful things. Human is capable of speaking and understanding no doubt, but even after that there are innumerable disagreements between persons, families, states and countries, why? Way better are the honey bees; just imagine they catch the meaning by a dance performance without saying a word. The birds just coo and spread the message of their existence and purpose and guess what? Not a soul ever interferes.waggle
  • Take care of young ones: There are animals very low in the hierarchy, caring and protecting their progeny. Sea horse carries eggs in a brood pouch; Mid wife toad on their thighs; Surinam toad clutches young ones in a marsupial pouch on their back and there are many more (Remember it’s the male here, who cares).

Now you see there aren’t many things exclusive to the so called ‘advanced humans’. But one phenomenon which is absolutely missing in human kind is ‘Altruism’- sacrifice of one’s interest to safeguard the well-being of the other member or the society as a whole. It has been witnessed in spotted deer; when attacked by a predator, the Stag with best antlers is surrounded by fellow members of the herd which sacrifice their life just to save it. How selfless! These ‘so called’ less advanced animals can think beyond self; about the survival of the species and there is human, on the other hand, trying to eliminate its own kind in every possible way; Killing mercilessly. It won’t be wrong if I say that human is the most selfish creature on the Earth.

Nature evolved life and ensured that it must continue till eternity. Therefore, it created male and female as the bearer of responsibility.


But see how a boon has become a bane; Man has become a monster. He has forgotten the exact motive of his existence; it was to create and protect and not to exploit and destroy. In a way, the most civilized animal has turned in to a cannibal; consuming its own kind. Man is a bad example of an autoimmune disease; where the difference between self and non-self disappears and there starts a process of self destruction. What else is it?


Open the newspaper any morning; entire pages are flooded with news of murder, rape and harassment. What’s our reaction on that, “Is human becoming animal day by day?” I don’t think even animals exhibit such degradation in their behaviour and if they do, what is logic of being ‘Human’ where the safety of your own kind is at stake just because of you. Competition is acceptable because it helps in evolution but why this deliberate slaying of humanity. Even animals seek acceptance before being selected for reproduction. Have you seen a Pigeon making rounds in front of a female; a Peacock dancing and showcasing its plumage to woo a female so that it is the ‘chosen one’? It’s the Nature’s way. And what if it is not chosen? Does it go and commit suicide or go and kill the female or rape her? Never heard so! Then why the most civilized animal (human) has lost his senses and is behaving like a mindless jerk. Why the meaning of civilization has been limited to mere covering of external genitalia and not the ridiculous thinking. A female cannot afford to breathe fearlessly in this so-called “civilized” world of yours. Be human enough; Have command over your hormones and your mind.

And then… celebrate the freedom… in real sense.

Sunset at Aegean sea

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  • Bhopesh Thakur

    As a layman believes, that all the creatures and earth are created by the “God” in seven-day exercise, and now the Man is taking charge of the supernatural powers himself and creating and destroying the life, like a video game, which ultimately will lead to self-destruction in the obscure future. On the other hand, scientists believe that the origin of life is due to the physical and biochemical reactions between the compatible atoms of the different elements present in particular period of time and under some specific conditions, and gradually all the living species evolved. But the evolution of scientific technologies, may be positive or negative, will also lead to new world. The Question is whether it will be with Man or without Man?

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    Aw, this was a really good post. Spending some time and actual effort to create a good article… but what can I say… I procrastinate
    a whole lot and don’t manage to get anything done.

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