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#happiness #happylife #happyfaces #howtobehappy

Happiness Is A Habit Cultivate It!

We all want to be happy, all the time, don’t we? and also keep working for it. Do we accomplish it always…?

No matter how hard we try, there comes times when life treats us rough and we tend to lose that fire-in-the-belly and eventually feel gloomy.

“Happy” and “not so happy,” seems to go side-by-side, just like the two sides of a coin; indispensably interdependent. In my opinion, the ‘low moments’ are a necessary evil because they keep us grounded, near-to-original and above all, grateful. Since, there is no way we can escape the tougher side, it’s better we devise our own ways to overcome it and convert it into our gain.

.#happiness #happylife #happyfaces #howtobehappy

 I know it’s very easy to write article like “things to do when you feel depressed!” Or “things not to do when elated!” and blah blah….I am not sure how many people writing such articles actually do that themselves? Because I have read that there is only one thing in this world that everyone wants to give but nobody is willing to take and that is “advice.” hence why not share what we ourselves do when under ‘such and such’ condition… that sounds real; that looks follow-able.

Today I feel like sharing my way of dealing with roughness of life. Whenever I feel low I am very likely to go heal myself in the following order:

  • The first thing that comes to mind is a ‘walk’. I quietly disappear alone with a higgledy-piggledy mind, full of negative emotions. What I need is an immediate introspection. I continue walking while talking to my inner self; what is the cause of my despair? Why am I being affected? How can I reduce the impact? What are the perks and perils of my next step? Many such questions constantly raised and answered in a significant span of time. But good thing is, when I come back, I am totally harmless, positive and with a definite plan of action.
  • Because I have a taste for reading’, I reach out to my favourites and lose myself to a world entirely different and unscathed of current wretchedness. I have felt reading heals like nothing else. Moreover, I get a chance to realize that people out there are not wasting time on fretting, instead they inspire others to be their best and overcome prevailing hurdles. Reading keeps me engaged. Plus point is I forget petty stuff and body gets time to heal on its own.
  • Many will agree if I say I goshopping’ to get rid of that dreariness! Spending money extravagantly, once in a while, acts like a drug to me; it cures ailing inner self. When I come back, woohoo! I am all chatty, chirpy and satisfied with a strange feeling of accomplishment and worth. Are you feeling low? Who are you waiting for, go grab your plastic money and shoot….
  • Next in the list is finding an ‘Adventure/ Fun Park’, in the vicinity and try every dangerous ride one always fear to death. It’s okay to get frightened; to feel that escalating heart-beat, that zero gravity under feet and not to mention the dryness of mouth. For Heaven’s sake, resist the feeling to decline your decision, hold on firmly and go zoom…! Close your eyes as tight as you can; open your jaws as wide as you can; and shout, as loud as you can. Release all the negative emotions right there. This is your life don’t let few hardships steal the jubilation that you deserve!
  • Sometime, I ‘Book’, that long-delayed appointment in my beauty clinic and give myself a must needed luxurious treat. I seldom get a body-massage but I am die-hard aficionado of hair spa, facial, manicure and pedicure. What? We need to pamper ourselves! Beforehand, I stand in front of the mirror and talk to myself, “You have been given such a beautiful body, (thank heavens for that), why let it suffer because of a stupid mind-screw.” I gorelax and come out… rejuvenated.
  • Sometimes, I don’t do anything; just cry’ it out! Phew…it feels great. Nature has given us tears for a reason, my dear. I am neither committing any crime nor being vulnerable by letting them flow. After-all, It’s our body’s natural mechanism to get rid of unnecessary build up created out of life’s clutter. I have seen some people who find it really difficult to cry. My suggestion, try watching an emotionally loaded movie and come out with terribly swollen eyes but shrunken (if not erased) burden of woes, for sure!

Here, I shared a few (my) ways of coming out of life’s messy moments. Bernard Heltzer once said, “Happiness is like a kiss, you must share it to enjoy it.”

I would love to hear if someone finds them helpful or weird. You are welcome to share your part of the story 🙂 .


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