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diwali 2014 062

I picked up the newspaper in the morning,  to have a glimpse of the ‘thought for the day’. It said, “No person is your friend who demands your silence, or denies your right to grow,” by Alice Walker. It rang a bell. I read it just yesterday, on a friend’s facebook timeline! I don’t know if it’s just a coincidence or what, but it definitely encouraged me to finish a pending write-up on coincidence or the coexistence of man and woman in the dense sea called ‘world’ (co-in-sea-dense).

Three years back, this was a time of huge turmoil in my life. I was out, combating conflicts of opinions witnessing spineless people with spurious beliefs and ludicrous excuses. Moreover I noticed the dubious mindset towards women-hood and bigotry at its pinnacle.


I was extremely shocked, frustrated and angry of the prevailing prejudices. Although, aware of the approaching ambiguity and uncertainty, I was determined and not at all gullible. Agreed, there were possibilities… possibilities of an insolent evaporation and an improbable comeback in addition to an ‘unsung’ song on board. Not to forget, 14th September was the D-day.


Here is the coincidence after three years, the very ‘same day’; the very ‘place’ however not the very same but a ‘tailored world’ around. I have been freed from apparent insecurity and ambiguity. Its halcyon henceforth…I have the company of people with firm beliefs, conceivable ideas, unbiased decisions and above all, people having compassion and respect towards ‘Women’.


The date is obviously, a coincidence but the ‘Change’…isn’t.  Someone definitely expressed the will and willingness to make ‘a difference’. It is easy to yield to the ‘trying situations’ but fighter never stop endeavouring, so did I. I refused silence and perpetually negotiated my right, to be normal; to be natural and I came out triumphant and worthy. A woman rightly deserves fairness in every sphere but why is it that she has to prove her deservedness, always…?


Why a woman is expected to behave like a ‘superhuman’, all the time? She too has some precincts (physical, mental or social) and is already pushing herself hard. Why don’t you just let her live…grow…spread wings and fly high to explore…side by side.


After-all, we are supposed to ‘co-exist’ in this world… together…Aren’t we?


  • Bhopesh Thakur

    A woman (female) is surely somewhat like a superhuman (or above the human), as she has the virtue of giving birth to the next human life, from within herself. The success of woman is not apparently counted in the male dominated society, but still ‘She’ needs them in surrounding, so as to confirm that ‘She’ is not like ‘He’. As far as the individuality is concerned, ‘She’ has to (and) compete(s) within the female circle.

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