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    My French Dream!!

    I have never been to France but I love many things about  ‘French’! It’s been a heartfelt desire to learn French- the most beautiful and subtle language in the world. I have tried earlier but it’s funny that I couldn’t go far…ever. I wished ‘Bonjour’ to this romantic language for the first time some 10 years ago when I applied for a certificate course in the University, and also made it to the merit list but had to say ‘Au-revoir’ before it actually began (Reason: an outing with friends on the day of counselling 😉 ). Next year ‘encore une fois’ (once again), I planned to learn French with a fellow…

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    Flashback Time

    I revisited a pledge made in the beginning of the year 2016.  Turned out-I am literally off-the-track. 🙁 I initially thought of a check, every fourth month and look at dumb me, its June already! So basically, I am running late by more than a month for my own review which would have been justifiable, had I been successful in my venture! Which clearly, I am not! 🙁 Leaving aside a few things, I am lagging behind everywhere. I am gathering will power for some Action! 🙂 Thank GOD for the reminder. It’s time for some improvements. I know, I can do better that what I am doing right now. 🙂

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    Sometimes ‘Fooling’ Does The Trick ;)

      Planet Earth is so diverse, and so is ‘human nature’- So variable; so unpredictable. But right now what I am talking about is, two kind of people- First kind is, who believe in ‘not’ creating any problem, therefore focus on their own work sincerely. Then there’s another kind, who feel no disgrace in troubling others. These ‘trouble-makers’ are big nuisance for any society. For example, in a team, you may have the most sincere members and at the same time there are a few who are mere annoyance to everyone else. If you give the command of the team to the most deserving member, I bet, you won’t ever…

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    We All Work Hard But Do We All Succeed?

    It is said, “Hard work is the key to success.” I doubt. If it were true, I don’t think the number of frustrated people would have been this huge! People keep working (hard) under undesired and compromising situations, wishing for their life to change in a good way but does it change? Hmmm…not always! However, life sustains…somehow and in the mean time such a discord drains a lot of brains and the energy graph keeps coming down unabated. Every day you wake up thinking about changing the circumstances around you and start the journey from nil uphill, accomplishing many insignificant goals on the way. How far do you target to…

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    So…What’s Your Religion?

    World has become a difficult place to live; People are fighting over anything and everything. But the most prominent factor which always remains ‘in’ for debates is the ‘religion’. I was never told about my religion by anyone; it automatically got imprinted in my mind after being part of numerous rituals and customs. And one day when a form asked my religion, my hands didn’t pause, even for a second, to write ‘Hindu’ in the column. I didn’t hesitate because it’s the years-long conditioning and I never thought of asking, what’s the religion? What’s a Hindu? Partly because I believed, our religion is what we are born with. Hence, I…

  • Empowerment

    Can You Stop The Spring From Coming?

    “You can cut all the flowers but you can’t stop Spring from coming” This holds so true for this turnip kept in the vegetable basket, unattended for a while. I was so moved to see it’s green saplings. It looks like a normal thing but there’s is deeper meaning to deduce: However tough the life appears, No matter how many hurdles people pose, No matter how impossible it seems to move on, Always have faith… Whatever good is meant for you will definitely reach you and You will once again enjoy the ‘Spring’ of your life.

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    Happy life can not be bought or gifted; Try something else

    Dowry is one of the most criticized yet, most practised custom in our culture. We see people shouting slogans against ‘taking’ dowry and Government, making every possible strict rule for people ‘asking’  dowry. But has this stopped? Have we actually changed? No! I don’t think so. However, we have replaced the ‘word’ with a ‘suitable’ one. We don’t call it ‘dowry’ any more; instead we refer to dowry as ‘Gifts from parents’ to their daughter. More, the better; and costlier, the lovelier. Too much show-off, literally blinding one’s eyes. Dowry (sorry, gifts!) is not the only problem here. A survey says Indians on an average spend major portion of their…

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    Kitty Party: It’s Makeover Time!

    When I was small, the very word ‘Kitty Party’ would immediately bring in to mind a picture of rich fat ladies, trying hard to show their pricey possessions and dying to see their peers turning green with envy. It only meant an exaggerated exhibition of family’s bank balance in the terms of exotic holidays, posh cars, expensive apparels, bling bling, and lengthy scuttlebutt sessions. Hence, ‘not-so-braggy’ people like me always kept distance from this hopeless extravaganza, until now! Yes! I began my year 2016 with an endeavour of joining hands with other ladies, (some quite like and others quite unlike), coming from diverse arenas and believe me, my perspective has…

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    “Not Me But You”

    “Serving others without expecting anything back!”     or  “Putting others before you!” Altruism, Hmmm! Sounds good but pretty unreal, at least in today’s world. But don’t we keep hearing about people, going an extra mile, doing unbelievable things, and guess what, expecting NOTHING in return! I mean really! Twenty-four-year old, Mr Roman Saini, gathered public applause for opening a free on-line tuition academy known as ‘Un-Academy’. The important thing is, he did so after resigning from a job of the most prestigious rank (IAS) in our country. Plus, he too is a certified medico. Kudos to him; he must be a courageous unselfish man but one thing that kept bothering me while…

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    Who Are We Trying To Cheat?

    Today our morning started with a phone call. Mr CoolHead woke me up to announce that I have been approached for a ‘favour’ by someone ‘known’! “I was expected to go easy in the examination hall” As you see ‘examination fever’ is on and the heat is quite evident around. I remember the very first time when I went on an outstation examination duty. It was so weird that I actually penned it down. Today I am gonna share it with you. Remember these are the feeling of a teacher at her first tryst with the loop holes in education system. First day and a person approaches me. “You don’t…