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  • Parenting

    May Day

    To be a parent just ‘good enough’ seems like an impossible task. Dealing with a bossy, grouchy, altogether difficult-to-handle kid these days, and trying to figure out the ways to keep things cool. On the kid’s part, there are a lot of changes going on; Homework used to be fun earlier; it’s becoming burden.😶 Doremon is closer to heart than dear mom!🤔 Whatever she thinks is final; mom’s opinion has no strength in front of her what so ever!😮 Either you agree or be ready for a big tantarum!🙊 If you try to tell the diffrence between right and wrong; you are not audible!🙉 And if you choose to keep…

  • Reviews

    The Royal Couture or The Royal Fraudster!!!!😮

    Being one lazy buff, I often end up shopping online, even from the sites advertised on facebook, sometimes even without creating an account. And you know what it works, most of the times. But this time, you can’t assume what my reaction was when I opened my much awaited parcel!!!! Well, this is what I ordered… And guess what I received! THIS 😯😯😯😫😫😫 Surprisingly, I am not angry for some reason (which even I don’t know) but  what the hell???? Then I searched the parcel…No name of the company. Normally it doesn’t happen! No message for intimating delivery! Now, I AM LIKE… WOW! SO weird to believe. 😮😮😮 Then I…

  • Personal

    History Mystery

    ‘History repeats itself’ Yeah, yeah, we all have heard and possibly witnessed it atleast once in our life time. But what more interesting is, to see how it repeats; the sequence of events that unfolds. Well, to make it simpler, let me put it this way.  Three consecutive holidays, and who won’t think of doing something outside routine. But since our family is fragmented at the moment, outside routine for us is… togetherness. So it was decided that everyone will come to my place including Mr CoolHead! Just the night before, he released the bomb saying he won’t be coming as out of nowhere some inspection is scheduled in his…

  • Poems

    See Through Me

    Countless wishes, In tender heart often died, Many plans thereafter, Took birth in a positive mind; Few worked, Some stumbled on face, A lot of whining too followed, After very hard we had tried; Still couldn’t reach  the finishing line, No matter how fast we ran, Not even with  the longest stride; Clouds hovering the sky, Could have brought in bliss, But gifted dismay instead, to the land dead dried;  Life still is exciting,  One dreamy Joyful ride; Yet the tears  are real my fere, Behind the smiling clouds,  They often love to hide. Mann 💓

  • Lessons learnt in Life,  Nature

    Wake Up Homo sapiens

    A Science lecture was scheduled in the College. I was sitting in the Hall along with other dutiful colleagues, and overly enthusiastic students , waiting for the chief guest of the event to arrive. As usual, I was expecting some suited booted science person, with a lingo that makes you feel completely illiterate at points as if you know nothing of Science anymore (yeah, it happens). And then after much wait, the arrival was announced from the stage, and there he was… a man who looked less of a scientist but more like a Fakir.  No wonder the Faculty members started whispering. The man was anonymous for me considering I…

  • Uncategorized

    Follow or Connect: Which is the Right path?

    Feeling sad after what is happening in one of my favourite places in Northern India.😢 Faith is good but why people become blind, deaf, and illogically aggressive? This is Beyond my humanly brain’s capacity to understand. #Panchkulaburning #SelfclaimedGodmanbabaRamRahim Source: Follow or Connect: Which is the Right path?

  • Poems

    Inner Voices

    Something bothers from deep inside, Teasing my senses Squeezing my heart so tight, With yearnings soaring high The voice is down, In this head of mine Weird thoughts why roam? The silent war is on With the unseen, the unknown, No chance of win Of losing too there’s  none, I am quite a fighter And wish so to carry on, Perhaps For the sake of game Or the life itself, I am moving on… I am moving on. 😊 Mann 💓

  • TravelsTales

    Road trip To Kasauli on The Independence Day Eve.

    The Sun shone after a while in Solan, and the soul of us wanderers once again wiggled for something new.☺ Though rains have changed the picture around altogether, the itch to touch new soil never leaves. So, there we were, on an instant yet longer-than-normal drive to Kasauli, a historically significant town, and a Writers’paradise which has its roots in the British era. Now, this is an army cantonment which explains its maintenance very close to the original. The journey to Kasauli is interesting in itself as you find yourself moving amid the pine forest much of which is easy on eyes.I said much cause now here, the tourism industry…

  • Nature

    My Sky Love 

    One thing which never fails to delight and motivate me, ever, is… The Sky… …in all its hues, and all its moods. Blue… Absorbing all my blues and reflecting only joy;  Gray…Asking to pause the mad rat race, and sit in peace… with myself and the world;  White…signaling the high time, and the possibility of progress again;  Black…thinking of others first, and loosing own identity by becoming the canvas for gorgeous twinklers;  Golden…bringing a new dawn, announcing a new beginning just incase yesterday wasn’t good enough. Red… indicating that even an ordinary journey can have an extraordinary climax. O… I’m in love with all shades of you,  Change whenever you…