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  • Pictures worth a thousand words

    Seven Days Seven B&W Photos Challenge

    I normally don’t do this, but as they anything for friends. So here Miriam, I am completing day one of your challenge😊. I’m challenged by Miriam Hurdle at The Shower of Blessings to do the Seven Days Seven B&W Photos Challenge. This challenge is to post seven black and white photos, no people, no explanation, of everyday life for seven consecutive days. Day #1

  • Humour,  Personal

    It's a 'Fast' Race To Moon

    No matter how much I tried to postpone, today evening I had to do the due…oh…I hope you guessed it …tomorrow is Karwachauth…a day when we, the Indian ladies (well not all Indian ladies) stay without food and water (till we see the Moon) to please the God so that he blesses our husbands with long life. Well, its nice and sweet till here but how do we explain that mindless shopping that goes on for days before the D day? I find it pointless. Whether the other person like your gift or not (which they mostly don’t 😋), the things are purchased just because you have to…not because you…

  • Poems


    Sweetest music… enter my ear, In a mysterious scent… I forget my fear; A sultry breez… Teases the dangling leaflets, Someone far… Joyously clinks the anklets;  Zealous Springs too join… Babbling to bring glee, I dare to open my eyes… Only to an awe and see, The sky… Menifesting, a spectral blee; Where am I on Earth… Can somebody tell me? What heavenly place is this… Beyond utter imagination Not possible for all to See. Mann 💓 Picture credit: kufarooq3blog.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/kashmir_4.jpg

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    Theme Change

    I was so in love with this theme of my blog… But many readers informed about its faulty display in different browsers. Though I am used to see my blog like this, still I am experimenting…. And here is my first attempt…you have it. PS. Oh I could not 😢…I came back to Mystique…and all the hard work that I put in for long hours goes waste…either I restrict myself to display content only and let the readers actually read or I go with the side bar option and no one sees the complete info!!!!For now I am going with former…but I need to invest time to figure our things……

  • Humour,  Parenting

    Save Some HandSome!!!!🤑🤑

    Well, just yesterday I was talking to Jim how heartbreaking it is for us people to earn here in Rupees and splurge in dollars or likes, in case we plan our tours abroad. Lots of savings, and huge planning is what a middle Class Indian needs here. But yeah… it can be less heartbreaking, If you happen to have your son or your daughter, or may be your brother or sister residing there; things could be smoother, atleast on your mind, no no, not on your pocket! That much you should bear 😋😋😋. So whenever my daughter, my snow, my glowingal, she sees any big blue flowy thing on the…

  • Personal

    Show Some Love (Indiblogger Award Nomination)

    Hey Pals, You have given extreme love and attention to AFTERGLOW which itself stands for a realization, a hope, a belief, and a promise.I just hope I have lived up to these core components of AFTERGLOW which not only adorn it, but also make this blog ALIVE. I want to thank all the followers, readers, viewers, (in the same order 😋😋), for making me believe that I CAN DO IT. 😁 I am still as enthusiastic about blogging as I was in the beginning, and that’s a good sign…you know why??? Cause I have a tendency to get bored easily!!!!😌 So that means I love telling Stories, and wishfully continue…

  • Life,  Uncategorized

    An Update to Lord Rama from 21st Century India

    Dear Rama, Centuries ago, you killed the Devil Ravana, and demolished his Golden Kingdom, ofcourse with the significant help of your staunch follower Hanuman and others. Do you have any idea, we still celebrate your victory in 21st century?Yeah we do so for full nine nights. we still enact the win of good over evil with great pomp and show (cracker show I mean) on 10th day and call it VijayDashmi!!!! Can you imagine, we tell all your  life stories mainly the difficult journey from Ayodhya to Sri Lanka in just ten days!!! I know what you are thinking, but you know, we, your able descendents are little faster; you…

  • Life

    College For You Means…?

    College has different meaning to different people in various cultures. BUT ONE THING which I have noticed around is that due to the over influence of Bollywood, the very picture of ‘The College’ in our teens is little cloudy. Or may be it’s me who doesn’t know how exactly a college works!!!!! I see youthful energy here in different shades of hair colour, and different lengths of dresses, pouting in front of their high-tech cell phones on the roads, the ground, classrooms, corridors, stairs and even in the washrooms. To be honest, I don’t dislike it. It reminds me of those good old days! I studied in a College quite…

  • Humour

    White Bites

    Toothed mouth is one of Nature’s best blessings to us. 😁😁 If you have some disagreements, go ask your grandpa! 🙅 You are gorgeous, thank your chompers for that!😬 With God’s tremendous grace and to some extent my parents’ kind genes, My set of pearls is still rock strong, and lets me enjoy every flavour that is on offering. For those who don’t bother knowing, we have four types of teeth, and besides decorating your face with that shining smile, these folks sometimes do the exact opposite! If you didn’t get my point, ask someone with the enlarged canines on both the jaws!!!!👹 Yeah they  definitely look different! But Man!…