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About Mann

Technically, not a Techy, I took plunge into this Virtual World of Blogging, unacquainted with the norms, I wandered wayward in the orb, eventually, to find my perihelion at Orientalafterglow.com.


I am Mann and I want to say something.

Long ago my aspiration flight took off to be a DOCTOR one day, faltering in mid air to shift track to SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH for a while, and look where I landed in the end- in a College as an ASSISTANT PROFESSOR.

And there, I got the Audience in plenty for sharing my viewpoints, my experiences!

But the ardour for story telling only amplified thereafter. I needed more. During this exploration and expansion goal blogging just happened in the year 2015, and there has been no looking back since then.

Being a Science Doctorate, I invariably spent much of my life ‘reading’. I am a keen observer, a optimistic dreamer, an ardent adventurer, an inquisitive Philomath who loves to acquire new knowledge, and a staunch hedonist seeking pleasure in every little thing in life. I love travelling, and had tried my hands on adventures like Hiking in the woods, Paragliding in the Himalayas, Parasailing above the ocean, indulged also in spelunking at places.

I love experimenting. No wonder I end up trying variety of stuff. Physical fitness is important for me for which I practice Yoga and Zumba depending upon mood.

Beside my regular job, you can spot me reading, writing, travelling, mothering.

At Oriental Afterglow, you would get glimpses of what I do in my self proclaimed realm.

*This blog is open for reviews. If you wish to get your product (Book, Property, or cosmetics) featured on orientalafterglow.com.

Drop me an email at mann@orientalafterglow.com



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