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About Mann

Welcome to this little world of mine.

Now that you have come, let me introduce myself:

Friends call me ‘Mann’ which means the ‘Heart’.

What comes to your mind when you say Heart?

Right! Emotions.

So This blog is all about LIFE and volumes of human emotions-Love, care, expectations, anger, humor and you can find some posts where a mother is trying to be her best possible.

According to me, Life is not a walk in the park; it’s a Journey, loaded with bizarre revelations. I strongly believe in living life, as it comes and my philosophy is to hang on… because nothing lasts forever!

I am madly in love with sun (Mann in love with Sun, Even rhymes good). So thought of naming my blog after the ‘reddish glow’ often seen just  after sunset. 

AfterGlow for me is 

a ‘realization’ that every beginning has an ending;

a ‘hope’ that everything will be all right once again;

a ‘belief’ that everyone gets a second chance to do better and be better;

and a ‘promise’ that no matter how hard the journey, I will definitely go… till the end.

and of course not alone;  Mr CoolHead and GlowingGal are always there by my side. You are also welcome to join.

Have an interesting Journey :).


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