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You Are, Therefore, I Am! Happy Father’s Day Papa.

p1.jpgDear Papa,

You have always been my ‘superstar’ and still top the list. I don’t remember meeting as stronger person as you are and trust me I want to see you the same, forever. Since my childhood, I have seen you as the man of ‘few words’ and ‘enormous courage’. How fearlessly, you used to raise your voice and make a stand, irrespective of whom you were dealing with. It still amazes me that how you started from a scratch and built an empire of your own! Dad, you always displayed gargantuan strength and did not easily deviate.

You always have been so proud of me and I, so blessed to have you. My every wish was granted beforehand. You spoilt me to this extent that even today this makes me wonder, how you did that? For my better future you sent me away where there was limitless freedom. It was your faith (and my guiding angel’s efforts) that kept me focused and thankfully, I didn’t stray. I am so thankful to God, for he gave me, YOU.

I had a hidden admiration for you since I was small. Sometimes I think you could have gone the easier way, just like the crowd, by doing the formality of educating for name and finding me some suitable match and you could have got rid of the burden called ‘daughter’ easily but you rather chose the tougher way. And this, is what makes you differently special. You opted to trust me, let me breath on my own, spread my wings and fly as high as I wished. You stood for me and supported each of my deed, without a doubt.

Today, I may not be a ‘celebrity’, Papa!


 I am… and will always be your ‘little princess’

that too, the ‘happier’ one.

And, Isn’t it the ‘happiness’… that you wished for me, always?

Right now, I am praying to God, for gifting you all the happiness in this world and secretly wishing, ‘May I be the reason for some of it’!

Much love.

This post is an entry for father’s day contest by kreativemommy



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