Haridwar: The Door to God

The days are ‘Summerish’ here though officially, it’s winter in northern India. The Schools and Colleges are granted their well deserved winter vacations. To make the most of the opportunity and to embrace the New Year, I along with family, headed to the neighbouring hilly state of Uttrakhand. The trip was absolutely impromptu and I was all geared up for surprises!

They say it’s the journey that matters not the destination. In our case it was opposite. The entire ride was rather frustrating partly because of the undesirably wriggling traffic and partly because of lack of expected novelty until of course we entered ‘The Door to God’, ‘Haridwar’.

Haridwar: First Glimpse

‘Haridwar’ has a special place during our upbringing. We always knew it as a place where the ashes of departed souls are immersed in Ganges. The job is mostly done by the male family members, so this was the last place in my list to be called as tourist destination. And moreover, I expected it to be filthy and unhygienic! But today on seeing it for real, I can hardly trust my eyes. A gaze at green water of Ganges soothes one’s eyes, and its flow cleanses the soul.

The most revered point

I myself got so immersed in the flow; it was a feeling beyond words. Some things just touch us deep. ‘Ganga’ is nothing I have ever thought; it is so pure, and aptly revered.

And…We are there.

Willingly we stayed near ‘Har ki paudi’ to witness the immensely celebrated evening ‘Aarti’ and I tell you, it was ‘divine’ from start till end.

Har Ki Paudi (Evening vista)



I won’t hesitate to say that the so called ‘pseudo-religious’ people have spread their hold over this pious place as well but then again… it’s a personal choice; to believe what you see…


but what you feel… is what you treasure; there’s no adulteration.


The divinity forced me to take a dip in the freezing water of holy Ganga and surprisingly, I don’t regret!

Honestly, the trip was an enticing one and I immediately felt a connection with ‘I don’t know what’! But I got moved…. 🙂



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  1. True true .. visiting the holy city does give you a bit of a connection.. True

    but i wish one thing that people keep the city clean a bit .. lovely pictures

    Happy new year to you and everyone around you

    1. Thank you Bikram and wish you an enormously happy year ahead.
      well…good thing is we are seeing a difference in the attitude of people towards cleanliness.
      Even the camping sites along the river have been removed.

    1. Yes Miriam it is beautiful and inviting as well.Tell you the truth I was shivering like hell to start with but slowly as I went deeper, I was warmer and lighter. I am not a swimmer so a prolonged dip was all I had.

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