Flames Put Out

Side effects of watching daily soaps especially the one like ‘Dil se dil tak’…

I have dreams where the most eligible bachelors of the ‘world’ approach me (I know you are smiling 😆😆😆…go on!)…yeah the most desired handsome hunks on Earth come to me with their honest love proposals…and they really look miserable…as if their world would crumble the moment I say No!!!!😊😊😊😊
And look at the height…instead of jumping with joy…I tell them to rethink 😯😯…and forget about this love shove😫😫😫. 

What a FOOL!!!!😮😮😮

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          1. I think she is miss universe.. She has to marry a mr world only..But none of mr world likes her.. Normal guys if marry she will preach them as she is superior.. In indian culture guys don’t can’t take it.. So she muss be

Your one comment can make my day 😊