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Shivpuri Camping Site: Embracing The New Year Dawn

Camping was one of the to-do things in my travel-list. What better place to do it than Shivpuri further upstream from Rishikesh? The imagination of a tent-house, sand, river, bon-fire, music, and dance is enough to sensitise one’s receptors!


Moreover, the countless websites highly boast of their itinerary which makes it a difficult job to decide which one to pick and which one to drop! So we decided to take available offers on the spot, and hell yes, we got the tents even after massive immigration from plains for the New Year Celebration.


In contrast to what I expected this camp was located in an obscured place with a few enthusiasts sprinkled here and there. As boring it sounds; our desire for a beach camping was fading. But hey! We are wanderers so why be content? A hunt for a almost desired place soon took us to ‘Explore the Himalayas’ camping site.



You only come to know in the end that no camping site actually exists along the main Ganga beach anymore due to ‘Clean Ganga drive’. Fine, but don’t you think it should be updated on the website? Anyway, when you pay bucks you try to get most of it, so did we. A rivulet was all we had and nothing could stop us from going for a fake swim (better call it sway).


img_20170101_091424The Food was okay. The package included a musical night and people kept waiting for the beats to shake their bodies; sitting around the bon-fire, getting boozed. Good thing the camp tried to keep families and singles separate.


As the Clock ticked 00.00, the sky tinkled with fireworks, and the chirping people mingled on turf and jingled, ‘H-a-p-p-y N-e-w Y-e-a-r’ and the bash went on….:)


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