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    Don't Marry For Goddess Sake!!!!

    Do you think Marriage is ‘just’ the consensual union of two persons? Well…Not at least in my country! More than this, here, it’s a socially and ritually recognised coming together of two partners which in addition to love also establishes rights and obligations between them, and between them and their In-laws, and not to forget, the relatives! It’s complicated as majority of us actually like these customs, and go miles to maintain a ‘preset’ social image. The couple remain too busy tending ‘important’ relations that it gives them quite some time off each other. Possibly these potent distractions have contributed to ‘one-life, one-life partner’ concept, prevalent here (you spend less time…

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    So…What’s Your Religion?

    World has become a difficult place to live; People are fighting over anything and everything. But the most prominent factor which always remains ‘in’ for debates is the ‘religion’. I was never told about my religion by anyone; it automatically got imprinted in my mind after being part of numerous rituals and customs. And one day when a form asked my religion, my hands didn’t pause, even for a second, to write ‘Hindu’ in the column. I didn’t hesitate because it’s the years-long conditioning and I never thought of asking, what’s the religion? What’s a Hindu? Partly because I believed, our religion is what we are born with. Hence, I…

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    Discovering my ‘GlowinGal’ during the ‘Delighting Moments’

    I am back from work and ‘Mr Coolhead’ handed over an envelope. It was an invitation card to attend a function ‘Delighting Moments’ at my daughter’s school. I was delighted but at the same time, it made be nervous. This is going to be her ‘first stage performance’, I am not sure what she’ll do and I am more worried about her reaction after seeing her parents in the audience. I am trying to assure myself by seeing her rehearsals, time and again, and she is doing a great job (actually she is doing a kind of remix). I don’t have a clue, ‘what is she performing tomorrow, in particular?’…