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Movie: The Fault In Our Stars

As I revealed in my ‘Liebster award’ post that I am a die-hard ‘romantic’ by nature and astonishing!  no-one caught that. That makes me think, ‘may be, it okay to be romantic however weird, one is!’ Today I watched a movie which was ‘medically painful’ but otherwise love-loaded. I am trying to write a review for the same.

The movie ‘Fault In Our Stars’ has Hazel, a sixteen year teenager with a medical condition called ‘terminal thyroid cancer’ which has spread to her lungs. So throughout the movie she is accompanied by her friend; an ‘oxygen cylinder’ and a ‘cannula’ under nose to let her breath effortlessly. She is pretty sure of her fate and has made peace with that but she is also the most worried soul on earth; not for the fear of ‘death’ but the ‘life’ of her parents after her death.

Hence, there she is doing anything and everything for the sake of their happiness whether it’s gulping the piles of meds, routine check-ups or joining a support group. Her life is so colourless, so empty until one day… when a very handsome guy, Augustus, also joins the group who looked untroubled after defeating bone cancer and losing his leg in the process but feared ‘oblivion’. There jumps Hazel, for the first time she takes part in any discussion.e4e4b313fa06e2bc4e4de8fce182e665 I loved the response of the therapist, “That’s unexpected!” What is expected on our part however is their becoming ‘just friends’. The guy has totally fallen for Hazel and it makes her happy and sad, at the same time and she says, “I am a grenade, Gus, and at some point I am going to blow up. It’s my responsibility to minimize the casualties.” However Gus maintains his happy face and wanted to make each and every moment of Hazel’s life, worthy. He says, “ it would be privilege to have my heart broken by you.”

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Then comes an ever-wished meeting with their favourite author in Amsterdam, unfolding later as a ‘Shock’ followed by an impromptu visit to Anne Frank’s house containing umpteen stairs.  This works as a test for Hazel’s patience and courage to finally utter the “L” word on the top storey.


Time for a twist! Gus is suffering from a relapse. This is expected to break Hazel but she is different on the contrary. The rehearsal of eulogy is the most touching scene. I had to use the piles of tissues!

In total, a nice story! Shailene Woodley as Hazel did complete justice to her role and Ansel Elgort was a pleasing treat. Few one liners strike right in the heart. This story is a fiction but I felt as if witnessing some real incident. I haven’t read the book on which it is based. I also read somewhere that a remake is also on the way in ‘Bollywood’.

 I give it a 4.5/5. Have you seen this movie? You are more than welcome to share your views below.

Much love.


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