Hydration Challenges At High Altitude And How INSTACUPPA can Help! #Superbloggerchallenge2018

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Don’t ask me the perks of taking birth in mountains. I live, what most, wish…

But can I shrug off the perils? The biggest of which is the climate itself. You can well imagine how low the temperature bar goes here in winters or even spring and fall! It’s Spring already but we here still sleep under quilts, and our heaters are glowing nonstop red. Basically, Spring for us is just an extension of Winter season. No doubt, Winter has it’s own charm and uniqueness but we pay high for that.


Have you ever realized that YOU RARELY FEEL THIRSTY IN WINTERS, irrespective of the place? Have you? What can be expected of people who live in winter like conditions for a significant part of the year? Yeah, that’s our problem; we don’t feel the ‘need’ of drinking water most of the time leaving aside the meal time. It’s like we suffer from a ‘Winter Dry Spell’.

Alhough, hot fluids are easy on our bodies. Hence, hot water, milk, tea, coffee, soups etc make up for most of our water intake. Forget drinking normal water, even touching it needs courage sometimes. For us, you see, to drink water ‘as water’, in plenty, is a challenge in itself.

I hope you have noticed that in winter you pay more visits to the loo, losing liters of water. Even then, you don’t feel like drinking any. Why?
The science behind this is that during low outside temperature, the blood flow to the peripheral body parts is restricted, thereby, increasing the blood volume in the core. Since the brain doesn’t sense the trouble, it doesn’t signals kidneys to restore any water, and which, therefore, goes abundantly in urine.

In actuality, the body, as a whole, is being dehydrated, whereas, the brain is being fooled, and the person’s thirst remain depressed. So… ‘this’ is the case with ‘us’, the high altitude residents, for like 6 months atleast, if not more. And it doesn’t end there, extending beyond, because it kind of becomes difficult to break the habit to not filling glass of plain water!

So guys, that’s how it is!

We live a badly dehydrated life here!

Dehydration, as you know, is not good for our body irrespective of place we live. No doubt, people in low heights or plains also lose water by sweating, but their brain knows that, it elevates the thirst, thereby making up for the loss.


First, we in the mountains, don’t drink much water, second, the air up here, is drier, and third, we can’t do without hot baths! What worse can we do to our body? The lack of hydration easily becomes visible on our uncovered body parts if we are of somewhat casual attitude!

Water intake is not only necessary for hydrating ourselves but also to get rid of the unwanted metabolites which are popularly called toxins, from the body.

If there is insufficiency of water in the body, these toxins build up and interfere in the normal cellular functions.
If I talk about the major excretory product of our body i.e. urea, atleast 50ml of water is required to remove one gram of it. That is a fact. If you are not drinking enough, the kidneys will continue extracting water from the body fluids altering homeostasis, the steady state of body, and in no time the body will be malfunctioning too. Not to mention the impact of toxins that are accumulating due to water scarcity.


Well, it’s simple.

Drink water…even if you don’t feel like…Voluntary hydration is the only way.

We have to discover ways or excuses to gulp down gallons of water directly or indirectly. It is advocated that a person should drink plenty of water daily, irrespective of season or place.


  • By keeping a thermos handy, on the bedside. I fill it with hot water to night. I know mornings in hills are chilly. So, I start my day drinking that water. (Thermos helps in maintaing the temperature, and I can hydrate myself without the botheration of coming out of the bed.
  • I carry warm water outdoors

But tell you the truth, this becomes monotonous soon. Moreover, to break the habit of not drinking water, I need to make my water interesting! And that, I do by adding some flavoured twist like making infused water!


Infused water is the latest fad, also known as Detox Water. It is kind of flavoured water.

Simply, wash and slice fruits according to your liking like citrus, cucumber, watermelon, strawberries. Immerse them in purified water for atleast 2 hrs with mint or basil leaves, and discarding the fruits, drink the water. There are countless recipes on internet that can be checked out or you can improvise on your own.


  • Avoid metal and plasticwares.
  • Glass is best suitable material for preparing the Infused water.


As a matter of fact, Yes!

I recently visited the official site of INSTACUPPA. They are offering attractive and useful kitchen tools like Fruit Infusers (Thermos bottle, and Infuser bottle), Milk Froathers and Coffee makers.

My love for green tea is an open secrete now. Plus, I need to break my ‘Winter Dry Spell’ and increase my water intake. Hence, out of the list of products what attracted my attention most, is the Double walled Infuser bottle.


  • It is made of Borosilicate glass which is resistant to temperature variations.
  • Outer Neoprene sleeve helps to maintain the temperature of liquid inside.
  • The lid is made up of ecofriendly bamboo and is lined with silicon, making the bottle air tight.
  • And best part, it can be used in two ways- cold infusion or hotfruit infusion or green tea/coffee infusion. Use hot or cold water depending upon the need without worry.
  • The stainless steel strainer is rustfree and gives you freedom to use loose tea leaves, therefore, economical

With this Double walled Infuser bottle, I can carry my detox water or drink my green potion almost at any place.

Isn’t this product tailor-made for a me?

Flavour reimagined and Hydration accomplished πŸ‘.

What else do I need?

And hey! Did you check out the products at instacuppa.com?

Which one are you eyeing?

Share in the comment section below.πŸ‘‡

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    1. That was the very purpose dear Ramya. First to understand our problem, then identify the solution. I am glad you like it. Where do you live if I may ask? 😊

  1. That is a great product! I never realized that dehydration could be such a serious problem for those living in the hills.

    1. It is…only we have to stay mindful and remind ourselves time and again, ofcourse if we want to stay fit. Thanks very much for reading Neha.😊

  2. Wow, had no clue that people in hills could suffer from dehydration. InstaCuppa looks really smart and trendy.

    1. Well, who doesn’t!!! 😝😝 Also take care of yourself.Eat lots of water…make some infusions this time.πŸ‘

  3. Lovely.. Well I too keep myself hydrated by carrying a warm water bottle with me in winters. And the idea is to achieve my water goal of day :). But you added more to my thurst and the Idea of infused water is even more interesting..

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    1. That is very motivating. Thank you for the support and I hope you went back with something good from orientalafterglow. 😊

  5. Water is essential for life…we all know…But you have articulated the philosophical and scientific aspects in one go…plus adding new essence to water…
    For the past few days even I am eyeing upon the water balance in the body, so trying to have warm water in the early morning and a litre or more in the day time.
    Thanks for sharing healthy views…which we might know but never share…

    1. Can’t tell you how good I feel right now. Writing a post like this also ignited something inside…a desire to work more dedicatedly towards the well being of myself and those who are willing to make a better tomorrow.😊

  6. Very good article bringing out how the infusers are useful to people living in high altitude too. Wherever one lives it is essential to take the appropriate amount of water and an infuser definitely comes in handy #Superbloggerchallenge2018 #Instacuppa

    1. That’s true Jai and after reading so many posts now the motivation at at its zenith. No cell would die of dehydration this season.😁😁

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  8. Very interesting and informative article. We tend to forget about drinking water in dry spell of winters instead opt for tea or coffee. So need to keep reminding ourselves and remain hydrated. I just love the idea of fruit infused water specially for children who generally shirk both water and fruits.Thanks for sharing!!

  9. Nice article on an essential component of life. From the time that primeval life moved to live on land from ocean, a major key to survival was prevention of dehydration. Most people don’t drink enough water, and the positive effects of proper hydration can be startling to most people. A step advance, you had novel hydration suggestions to dehydration prone mountain dwelers.

  10. Never tried this in my life but the information is so important for everyone who has a dream of living in the mountains…. Great work with extremely well explained.

    1. Hydration is of utmost significance, no one can deny that. It is just we need reminder every now and then. 😊Thanks for visiting orientalafterglow and reading. Hope it was worth.

  11. Life in hills and a major problem related to it along with its solution. The information provided in this article is really helpful for everyone specially for people living in the hills.

  12. Hi Mann! What a passionate and information loaded post! Loved it to the core. I envy anyone who lives in the mountains…the best place to live according to me. Reminded me of my times in the US and living in a place that was cold most of the year around..I could completely relate to the dehydration in high altitudes and colder temperatures quite well. Keep up the great work πŸ™‚ Please read my Week 4 post for #Superbloggerchallenge2018 here: https://thetinaedit.com/2018/03/12/heres-how-i-think-instacuppa-will-be-a-great-addition-for-my-family-superbloggerchallenge2018/

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  15. I’ve visited mountains only during vacations and know that the life there is very different from ours. Any which way proper hydration is very important. I’m glad you take precautions to ensure that.

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