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Sublime You Were.


Hand in hand

We walked far,

Through thick and thin

Facing life, Fighting every war.


Without complaints

Crossing countless milestones,

stopping at none

With the goal set higher

As soon as attained the previous ones.

With hearts quite hopeful

minds completely engrossed,

Fearless, we sailed

to see the other end of cosmos.



a flashlight, a daze

For a fizzy

Shifted my gaze,

Blinding me briefly

Made the weather bit strange,

I fastened my hold though

Still lost my partner oh

to that maze of hungry haze.

Looked down perplexed

Scanning the periphery,

Asked myself

where you vanished?

Leaving me aghast

in such dreadful misery.

Now hapless, helpless

I am scared to the core,

Urging you to stop the play if it is

right now, act no more.

Finding hard to move ahead

without you, not fair…

In your absence

Who needs to breath this air?

All I want is to follow you

Just leave me a hint,

To which direction you left

I don’t see any foot print.

I scream around, I shed tear

Which All but you see and hear.

How could you be so mean?

How could you leave so in between?


The vows in front of holy havan,

To stick together

through every dusk and dawn

Till eternity, till all the worlds go down.


We dreamed of a world of our own,

Where only love was to reign,

No place for hatred like emotion

Was such a brilliant plan.


You forgot every promise

As I stand here

in this lethal gloom

All Alone …

You were no different

A Fibber…

and I…a clown.

How am I gonna step ahead

All by myself,

How am I gonna come to terms

And believe…that

We are together no more

You are for good gone,

And from now on

It’s me, and only me

On my own, All alone…


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