Sweetest music…

enter my ear,

In a mysterious scent…

I forget my fear;

A sultry breez…

Teases the dangling leaflets,

Someone far…

Joyously clinks the anklets; 

Zealous Springs too join…

Babbling to bring glee,

I dare to open my eyes…

Only to an awe and see,

The sky…

Menifesting, a spectral blee;

Where am I on Earth…

Can somebody tell me?

What heavenly place is this…

Beyond utter imagination

Not possible for all to See.

Mann 💓
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      1. ख्वाबों की दुनियाँ जहां है,
        खूबसूरत वो एक जहाँ है।
        इन्सानों की धरती पे
        सुकून मयस्सर भी कहाँ है।
        (आपके अधूरे वाक्य का भावार्थ अंकन)

    1. Thanks for liking this morning muse. This photo is of Kashmir which is famous by the name of PARADISE on Earth. And yeah while reconstructing the blog, I thought of changing the profile pic too.

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