The Queen at Dusk


Shimla Town from an angle

(Once Summer Capital of Britishers)


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  1. Although Mussoorie is known as Queen of Hills but I have always liked Simla for its beauty and you have provided a panoramic view of this bful hill station.. During my posting at Dehradun, I used to visit Mussoorie three days a week but whenever visited Simla I relaxed better.

    1. A queen is not a queen without her Crown…I have been to mussoorie, I like it to but Shimla has an edge. I am not talking about the main town but the surroundings…Many are unknown for tourists and outsiders.

          1. Yeah. It was s owing. Just loved it. We have our banks holiday home there on the mall. We started from Delhi and asked the care taker to cook out dinner and arrange for morning strolling on the mall but it was snowing and we frefeeted going to kufri

  2. I heard that in India there is a saying, “Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out into the noon day sun.” They saying was recorded by Kipling but I’m sure that it was something that he heard in India.

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