Open Your Hearts; Spring Is Already Here!

Today, we here in north India celebrated the first day of Spring.
So whole day was about getting yellowed all over…

Head out and spend some time with Nature and Naturals….

The Nature lover in me didn’t shy to get drunk with the mindblowing fragrance of the mustards along with the bumbling bees, and the eyepleasing scenery all around was enough to forget the life miseries.
The vibrant fields  danced merrily to the tunes of sweet breeze as if welcoming the new life and we swayed along. what a feeling!

Though it is still very cold in the morning; s  pring has already knocked on our doors and  we happily welcome it…with a smile.

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    1. It is officially…but flowering is yet nowhere except for the yellow fields. Every place has its uniqueness. Spring is the season of love and Romania…so much romance even in the name.

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