Day 5: Seven Days Seven B&W Photos Challenge

I’m challenged by Miriam Hurdle at The Shower of Blessings to do the Seven Days Seven B&W Photos Challenge. This challenge is to post seven black and white photos, no people, no explanation, of everyday life for seven consecutive days.  



Mann 💓

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9 Comments on “Day 5: Seven Days Seven B&W Photos Challenge”

  1. Evocative. It looks as if it could have been taken about 50 km from here, on the Coquihalla river in mid-summer. I used to do monochrome photography in the days of film. Maybe I should try that again – so easy now with a (Canon) camera that does it all (practically) for me! If you are using a digital camera rather than a phone, or have a decent picture manipulation app maybe try more contrast for the B/W imagery. Just a suggestion. Take care o’ you and enjoy your photography.

    1. Thanks Sha’tara. Yes things are somehow easy with technology…I mostly take photos with my phone…cause it’s always with me…I’ll take care of the contrast. 😃

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