When you wake up in the morning and try to look at the clock with semi-closed eyes, only to find out that it’s already 8 O’clock!

Even then you can just pull the quilt and go back to your dreamland in the cozy world…this STRESSLESSNESS, this FREEDOM and this ACCEPTANCE… this is LOVE!

Because you know that there’s someone who UNDERSTANDS you and TREASURES you …

For what…YOU ARE!

Not, what YOU SHOULD BE…. 🙂

34 Comments on “LOVE IS…”

  1. To know it’s really cold in India north and to get up at 8 is a big thing until and unless you have planned the day. The warmth coming straight from ur heartbeat is being felt across seven seas. Enjoy the day dear and keep that majestic smile with golden heart intact.

              1. Why not today as it ends the challenging task of three days. I have just written the last one and ur inspirationL living replies make the difference. I know a lot biggg smile is due 😀😀😀

  2. wow….such a whimsical thought…I love has been said many times that wr should be loved by what we are and not who should be; reading it again from is refreshing…you gave a fresher twist to over a century old idea …..keep writing..

  3. STRESSLESSNESS, FREEDOM, ACCEPTANCE…Yes, this have to be LOVE. But more people doesn’t accept this, unfortunately, and your life can become a nightmare.

  4. ‘You are’ is PRESENT… and ‘You should be’ is FUTURE…The present is real and the future is obscure…But still Present Lovables makes us realize that the future will also be cherished…romantic…and so on…

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