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Just A Thought…


“Life” is strange. When I say life, I don’t mean just ‘Human life’, but life in general; universal. This world is laden with weird and wonderful things but we humans miss a lot of marvels happening around us because we are busy in making our own life comfortable enough, which on the contrary keeps on entangling more.

Today I was showing a video to my class. It was of very low order animals called cnidarians in our world. That may be tough for a layman to understand so, what if I say, we saw the ‘Jelly fishes’ and ‘Sea anemone’! They are the first animals to move; to show locomotion. For the first time I realized the worth of locomotion (one thing we rarely acknowledge).They are one beautiful type of underwater sea animals. If you ever watch Discovery or Animal planet like channels, you can easily understand what I am trying to say. For an ordinary man, they are insignificant but the fact is that they undeniably laid foundation for many humanly things; they are the ‘Pioneers’.

One fine day, I thought of observing a drop of pond water under microscope. I was amazed to see a miracle called ‘Life’. There were aplenty organisms moving here and there aimlessly (what it looked like) without having a slight idea that they have been isolated from their ‘Habitat’. They are so small and live in a tiny world of theirs. I was thinking, is it possible for them to know that world is actually vast?

This forced me to think it in human perspective. We live in this planet called ‘Earth’. We think we know everything; we deny the existence of any other species more advanced than us (however we are trying to search for life on other planets). I was thinking when the organisms living in a drop of water are unaware of this water being actually unimaginably vast, filled with countless number of alike and different organisms then how could we, the humans, think of being the climax? There has to be something above us, something more advanced, more potent than us. I know it’s hard to believe because we don’t see anything of that sort but… how one explains our very non-existence for these above mentioned minikins?

I was just analysing the process of taking out a jug of water from the pond; it must have caused a kind of catastrophe to the residents in that spot of pond who otherwise were living a peaceful life. They probably have gotten startled and many definitely got separated from their kith and kin. Now picture the same situation for humans: Life is smoothly moving and suddenly the earth shakes, or a cloud bursts or storm arrives (e.g. Katrina or Tsunami etc.), everybody is startled, many become prey to such unexpected catastrophes and eventually separate from their near and dears.

You will call me weird but things turn out like this, what to do? We say everyone dies one day but the probability is more for aged individuals and nature picks them up first. One day I was performing another experiment in the lab; again dealing with innocent larvae of fruit fly. They are cultured in the lab itself or in straight words; the flies are given a ‘grand feast’ which is honestly difficult to decline, hence they satisfy their appetite and decide to stay in this abundantly rich food factory and reproduce. They don’t have a clue, what is about to happen in future. Eggs hatch and young ones emerge, keep feeding voraciously and growing old. While enjoying this splendid jamboree, out of the blue, something from heavens come and pick them one by one and place on a glass stage. A pointed needle comes and pierces; that’s all they witness because after that only their soul can see what happens to them. They are being used for an experiment to demonstrate the existence of ‘Giant chromosomes’ by the advanced creatures i.e. us. What an irony!

Does it ring a Bell? We live on earth by chance not by choice; we enjoy all the riches and then leave one day…where do we go? No one knows (except our souls though)! Have you ever thought what if we are just experimental creatures in this lab called ‘Earth’? What if some sort of experiment is going on somewhere, we don’t have the knowledge of? What if we are just allowed to age and then picked up one by one? What if someone is deliberately causing these catastrophes? And what if the experimenter suffers from a mood swing and think of dismantling the lab, just like that?

Well, this is just a thought, what if we eventually discover that our life was the biggest illusion ever and we were not… what we thought we were….


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