It's a 'Fast' Race To Moon

No matter how much I tried to postpone, today evening I had to do the due…oh…I hope you guessed it …tomorrow is Karwachauth…a day when we, the Indian ladies (well not all Indian ladies) stay without food and water (till we see the Moon) to please the God so that he blesses our husbands with long life.

Well, its nice and sweet till here but how do we explain that mindless shopping that goes on for days before the D day?

I find it pointless. Whether the other person like your gift or not (which they mostly don’t πŸ˜‹), the things are purchased just because you have to…not because you want to!

Are you buying these bangles for your mother in law? You better buy the expensive ones??? A lady adviced me in the jampacked shop. I looked at her and said,‘I don’t even know if these are gonna fit or not!’

But still, you have to buy na!

She was right. πŸ€”

So yeah, some customs are mendatory or are made mendatory, I don’t know by whom, and for what…Is it to keep women busy in ‘this’ business or to keep them busy ‘out’ of the business. I am forced to think. πŸ€”

Women are busy in,

  • boasting about their designer dresses which they are planning to wear; 
  • In advertising the glow on their faces to be natural, (which have nothing to do with spending handsome in the beauty salon). 

Many actually demand pricey unusual gifts from their husband, and next day pretend as if the night surprised them with riches from its chest!!!

What did you get? the most common question.😏

 he got me this! The obvious answer. πŸ€‘

Oh it happens! Doesn’t it?

Though I am a misfit many a times, and I have my own ways but it’s not that I don’t enjoy this madness…I too am human…Once I am in, I am in.πŸ˜‰

But yeah, there are other reasons to like it. I like this fast because it looks more like a festival…you are a different kind of IMPORTANT. And even better when your other half too join you in. There you read it.

So my soon to be fasting ladies, I am hopeless faster compared to you. When you all have already polished your faces, or may be bodies, treated your hair, planned your full day tomorrow, I am busy writing thisπŸ€“πŸ€“…My hands are yet to be stained with henna…I don’t even remember how am I gonna start.

 I am still thinking should I get up at 4 or not? Though I have bought all those fanies, and mathies but I really don’t like to eat them, not atleast first thing in the morning! 😫😫

Let’s see how it turns out. No burden on my already exhausted brain. I’ll begin afresh tomorrow morning…

Happy Karwachuth by the way…hope you have a wonder filled day!!!!
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  1. We observed some traditions about the moon. There is Moon Festival where people eat mooncakes. When I was a child, the girls covered their faces and wait for the moon and looked at the moon to make silent wishes. We were told that we could see the future husband’s face by looking at the moon through the handkerchief. Of course, I didn’t! I don’t think they practice this tradition anymore, but there is another story about the moon and the Moon festival carries on among Chinse and southeast Asia countries.

    1. Really Miriam! You know sometimes I actually think that the modern generation should follow their respective customs, for these give us the sense of belongingness…that we all were related at some time…no matter how diverse and far we are. No matter how silly they sound…but…sometime these customs give an indications that we are Same!

      1. Yes, I agree with you. I think the technology and social media take them away. The new generation is different every where, not just in your country. I don’t know if there’s anything we could do or have done!

    2. We here also wait for moon, worship it, drink water from hubby’s hand, and then eat…
      Unmarried girls observe this fast for finding Man Of their dreams…😊

  2. It has become pomp and grandiose. More of a celebration but that’s how it has evolved. It is no longer a punjabi festival. It is celebrated thru out the country now. But as a punjabi I can say we are ostentatious and love to splurge but this line of madness can be avoided. Well written. GTG. MOON is out.

    1. Haha…Day was supercalm…hmmmm….well to be honest…I did get something πŸ˜‰…Mr CoolHead got me some cool jewellery (clearly not of Gold😝)…He went to some trip where he thankfully kept me in his mind…and my interest!😊
      And yes that reminds me… it is the third time in last 5 months that he is giving me jewellery only…what’s cooking here ?????πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

      1. Aha.. still you are getting something….that’s so good… here we don’t have any customs like that.. time to start something..hmm….

        1. Some People see it as a threat to women empowerment…its like supporting patriarchy…but now when the husbands too stay without food and water to accompany the wives…that’s real empowerment I guess 😊😊😊

          1. Aha.. come one.. while everything is being attributed to evils of patriarchy, the romantic part is forgotten .. somewhere we need some sort of realization….

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