It’s been more than a week since I logged in to WordPress.

Well…I deliberately cut the cords for a while, not that I don’t want to connect but I needed to recharge my mind and soul. Therefore, I took a terse break from the work, from the internet and blogging, and went to a world where ‘Nature’ only reigns.

What I missed─


Celebrating my blogging anniversary with you guys! Yes, I completed one year, here in blogosphere! Isn’t it amazing?

Just like everyone else, in the beginning, I was quite dubious about my consistency but now, here I am…going strong step by step; leap by leap. 🙂

The regular heartwarming interaction with fellow bloggers adds a sparkle to my routine life and it’s really hard to stay away for long.

Fellas! I am back and fully charged. 🙂

Just fasten your seat belts, cause I’ll be taking you to a wonderland…soon! 🙂


PS: I am in a tailoring mood, so a big alteration is here- From now on, ‘AlpenGlow’ is becoming ‘AfterGlow’.

It’s a realization. I am no more living in mountains and in plains, it is the ‘AfterGlow’ I am living with. :). So yeah…’AfterGlow’ it is then. 🙂

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  1. First, congrats on your blogging anniversary, Mann :))
    Second, any of us needs sometimes to re-charge the batteries, right? And you did it in a world where ‘Nature’ only reigns. So beautiful <3

  2. Looking forward to the new stuff. I’ve been toying with changing the name of my blog also, and also as part of an awakening to a new awareness of “me” and I like your reasoning for making the change!

    1. It just clicked… while watching the golden mountains while I was out there…
      No doubt, I had to do changes at many places but that’s okay.
      Thanks for reading Sha’Tara 🙂

      1. I totally agree to that one 😊😊😊😚. I also recently completed one yr on this forum. Feels incredible. God bless ! Pls keep writing 🙂

        1. Really! Congrats. You’ll surely go far my friend. Even I wish to accompany you there ;).
          Let’s see which way wind blows!
          Keep smiling. 🙂

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