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History Mystery

‘History repeats itself’

Yeah, yeah, we all have heard and possibly witnessed it atleast once in our life time.

But what more interesting is, to see how it repeats; the sequence of events that unfolds.

Well, to make it simpler, let me put it this way. 

Three consecutive holidays, and who won’t think of doing something outside routine. But since our family is fragmented at the moment, outside routine for us is… togetherness. So it was decided that everyone will come to my place including Mr CoolHead!

Just the night before, he released the bomb saying he won’t be coming as out of nowhere some inspection is scheduled in his institution, and even on Sunday he’ll be working.


All plan were on the verge of ruining.

My parents-in-law were already here. So this ‘Marie’ (as my daughter named me), in order to make everyone merry, decided to travel southward, to surprise ‘the Man’ of the family.

The journey was obviously not easy as it involved travelling by bus! But we did it, that too not in one bus but FOUR! Reason being massive landslide in the hills due to heavy rains. And what an adventure it was considering we had ‘GlowingGal’ with us.Moreover it was still raining.

So where is repitition in it????

Well, Later on I realised that 6 years ago, exactly during the same time, I had a bus journey with the same people (excluding my daughter; she was born afterwards), to the same place, with the same person waiting (Mr CoolHead), and the same place to reside in (The University Guest House).

All this happened without any prior planning.

So what you have to say about this?????


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