Etiquettes Sound Good When Reciprocated


Every one loves etiquettes. But there are times when you feel like forgetting all of them and just tighten your fist and punch someone in the face real hard – however unpleasant the consequences!

And without any doubt, such times aren’t very uncommon with myriad annoying people around and you are bound to lose your cool. It’s not easy to control the actual emotions but there is always a probability of landing yourself in much trouble than you already are in. Therefore, you somehow manage to wear a smiling face and let go.

But at the same time, inside, you wonder how spineless people manage to obtain positions or is it other way around, only spineless people manage to get positions. I don’t know but when I see people changing colours, often my blood starts boiling and countless questions start disturbing the peace of my mind:

Why is it so that they don’t have a voice of their own?

Why do they find it difficult to differentiate right from wrong?

Why they always work like puppets and that too when they have nothing to lose?

Are they suffering from some deficiency of Grey matter?

Fine! Sometimes everyone faces a catch-22 situation but always! This is no helplessness; it’s their real self. It’s their bloody nature to make things complicated for others and once you nod to a settlement there are good chances of recurrence.

Sometime you feel like a complete misfit everywhere. You can sense loneliness in a crowd; no one, however close, seems helpful. There’s ubiquitous darkness, frustration, anger and shock.

You just feel like closing your eyes and magically hope someone to take care of everything; settle the chaos for you to wake up to a smooth happy and wonderful life having a conducive ambiance with credible people, all around.

But as you know, miracles are rare (if any). So you don’t have anyone but yourself to make the amendments and convert the present adversity into an opportunity.

That way it hurts less!

14 Comments on “Etiquettes Sound Good When Reciprocated”

  1. Political play happens all around us. Sometimes we may loose our control. Once such dramas touches it’s peak, we become saturated and further we won’t be affected by any such stupid plays. So be cool and relaxed. ..

  2. It’s like you read my mind and put all my thoughts in this post. So many times during my day I bite my tongue and it is so frustrating for me because in my mind I see myself saying something that makes so much sense. But most of the time I give up because there were times when I didn’t and I ended up being ‘the crazy one’. Plus this guy told me so many times that I tend to complicate things and I should just accept that life and the world are unfair! Really? I wonder?! Should I really accept it or should I fight for a change when I think it’s needed? I don’t know but most of the time I feel like I come from a different planet and I am somehow lost on this one. 😐😐😐

    1. In that case you have company.
      I don’t feel but I know I am stuck in a wrong place with wrong breed of people…oh that got little harsh. Let’s say not The right kind of place and not so right kind of people, that I want to be with. But wisdom says Time never remains same, It will change according to its very nature. All we can do is keep working honestly and wholeheartedly, as long as possible.

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