Everyone knows that the world is constantly moving but sometimes you start thinking that it’s moving because of you πŸ˜‰ !! Every thing is about you; every relation revolves around you…and you feel so central, so powerful!

No wonder, one day you come face to face with the reality.

The world is moving and so are all the people in it. But the truth is you are not the axis here, they are actually revolving β€˜not around’ but β€˜with’ you!

Just like everything else!

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  1. Hopefully we are all traveling in the same direction in this life and that the world we live in is not one where anyone feels as if they are the center of it.

  2. An individual within the whole. If that individual is a thinking, reasoning kind, then that individual has her/his own orbit… and with self-empowerment that individual can break out of the “expected” orbit and strike out for the stars, leaving the old system behind. The system will have a slight hiccup, adjust and carry on as if nothing happened. Life isn’t about adapting to the system, or protecting, or needing the system. It isn’t about travelling in the same direction – that’s the very last thing I would do – it’s about being an ISSA (intelligent, sentient, self-aware) being and with self-empowerment, change the system, or leave the system if it insists on repeating its old patterns that lead nowhere. So, there is a sense in which one is part of a whole, and there is a sense in which one is apart from the whole, and with power, realizes that indeed, one can make the whole revolve around the one without contradiction. The point is motive. On earth today you have a very few individuals who control most of the world’s wealth and use their power to extort, oppress and commit mass murder on a 24/7 basis. This is common knowledge which no one actually does anything real about because most don’t know they should, or can. They are not self-empowered and believe that they must go along with the system. Man’s great error and source of dis-empowerment and why he constantly returns to slavery. When the self-empowered individual confronts the collective, the collective always loses. The great delusion of the masses is thinking (assuming masses think, which of course is a contradiction) they need to “belong” in order to be real. It’s the other way around.

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