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Care for a Cac-tale?

When I was inside my mother, many a times, I heard her humming. A sound which gave the hint of happiness and I started to imagine how beautiful the world outside would be! I was waiting for the day of my first rendezvous with the world so happy.
Mother kept me protected in layers and I had to literally push my way out, to have an idea. To my surprise, there was nothing! Not even my very own mother! It was just me , of-no-more-use, mother’s cocoon, and the never-ending barren surroundings. I was alone.

I shouted, “Hey, anybody here!


A voice crossed my side. I turned immediately. No one was there, I only saw huge masses rising up in the sky and covering everything. From where was that sound coming? I had no clue! I was alone in the barren land and I wondered what made mother sing with joy, I didn’t see anything to be happy about.I wished mother was with me but she might have fallen prey to this strange phenomenon. So, it seemed I was doomed to live alone.

One day, I happened to have the company of two birds who landed near me. I helped them quench their thirst and asked them where they were heading towards?
We are going to the other end of this desert.
You call this place desert!”
Everyone does! Why are you so surprised? You call it something else!
No, I mean, actually, I never had someone to tell me this. I have been all alone.
Oh that’s terrible. Do you mind some help?
Okay. Desert is a place where there is scarcity of everything. That explains why you don’t have company! We live in the western edge of this desert but now the eastern side is flourishing so, we are going on a vacation to enjoy the bounty of Nature.”
I was looking as they talked. How I wished to see the world they are part of, but with my life, it wasn’t possible.
What happened little bud?
Nothing! I was thinking… how is it like on the other side?
Do you want to see it?
Two birds looked at each other and stepped toward me. Next when I came back to senses, I was in a world which existed, not even in my dreams. I started humming just like my mother.
So this is the place, where my mother used to live! Such a happy place! I wished I could dance right now. I never thought such a world actually existed. But, there I was!
The sun was no more scorching, I had shade; I had company though no one ever showed interest in knowing me. Possibly, they were busy in their own life. They were beautiful, without a doubt. People adored them by stopping near them. Then they would give me an inferior look; my breath would stop to hear what they had to say, “Where did you get it from? It’s eerie. Keep your children away or they’ll get hurt!
Now that’s rude! Why would someone say that?
But the fact is I was really an abandoned being. No one cared if I needed something or not! I just stayed there like a THING. I never again felt the same happiness as the first day in this new world.
Being alone in the desert was bad but being lonely in company, is worst.
I was becoming grumpy. One day, I was staring at kids having fun in the garden, and their ball bounced and stopped near me. One sweet kid came to collect the ball, he stopped for a moment, and turned towards me. He kept looking at me and started smiling. I was moved by his gesture.
He likes me!” I was overjoyed.
He started moving towards me; I opened my arms. The happiness was too much to handle and don’t know when, I subconsciously closed my eyes.
Bang!” He lost his balance and soon I found myself lying on the ground.
What did you broke?” A woman came rushing from inside the house. “Oh you naughty kids!”

The kid complained, “Mom, I got hurt!
How?” She came near.
The boy pointed towards me.
Oh, I knew this would happen. I told your father not to allow ‘this thing’ in our house. But he never listens. Show me where you got hurt?
I am fine now,” he said and disappeared.
The woman corrected the mess, she was about to give me a hand but she stopped, “Oh never mind. You don’t need this. You’ll be fine on your own.” However she erected her favourites, caressed them, brought them back to normal by offering them water, smiled, and finally vanished.

In the middle of a crowd, I was left thinking-

What if I am born in tough conditions?
What if I am meant to be strong?
What if I can survive anything?
I too need love and care
As much as anyone else!
And just so you know
I am a thorny Cactus
Strong in appearance
Supple inside….


this is my story.

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