Is Love A Mystery?

There are certain mysteries in this world, we should not try to solve at all because in such an urge we destroy their real charm. The more we try to get hold of them more we get mystified. Love mesmerises each one of us. How hard you try, ‘the feeling’ of ‘falling in love’, cannot be explained by the words found in any dictionary. You can say it’s a feeling, out of the world. Those who have experienced it consider it divine and those who haven’t secretly yearn for it.

In an attempt to demystify love, men seek help from science as we all believe science is factual. Science says that all those heavenly feelings that one experiences while falling in love, are actually the result of a “hormonal play”. These hormones are the choreographer of entire love song and make you feel and do crazy things. They force the opposite sexes to take interest in each other, so that the reproduction occurs and life continues. It is in fact a logical explanation but then I am compelled to think if this is the case, why don’t we fall in love with every ‘opposite’ coming our way? How do we locate that ‘one person’, and then surrender? Psychology unfolds that there is a blueprint of the ‘love to be’, in our mind and once we come across a person who is a look like, we fall for him or her. Commendable revealing, isn’t it?

You must have heard people saying, “Har kisi ko nahi milta yahan pyar zindagi me, khush naseeb hain wo jinko hain mili ye bahaar zindagi me” (Love is not attained by everyone in life, consider them fortunate, who have). Does this mean that only few people are blessed with the blueprint and only they have the privilege to fall in love? Now, it is all getting jumbled. What if the encounter of two corresponding beings is delayed or they bump into each other pretty early. Ah! That, my dear, is not easy to answer.

Love is often mistaken to marriage in my country (not bad as it guarantees reproduction). Here even those who are not able to find their analogous (blueprint match) themselves, get assistance from family and well wishers. But sometimes I just wonder about the fate of such relationships as life is long and who knows when and where, your predestined love to be, is waiting.

Often, we find reference of the “First love”. What could be so ‘special’ about it and moreover we are adding “First” as a prefix, meaning love can happen for second, third, ten, hundreds or even zillion times. But what about the Feeling, does it persist? Well the answer is No and Yes. No, because first time is only once in life time and it is exclusive. Yes, because love is definitely there. It may be of different magnitude and still so true (well, it can’t be anything else).

Love is said to be Nature’s way, if and only if you totally submit to nature. What I believe is, ‘Love’ is not a mystery in itself; meeting the ‘right person’ you fall in love with at the ‘right time’, IS. So, let the mystery sustain. Don’t endeavour to find your love as love will eventually find you. How? That still is a mystery.


  1. What a loving n refreshing write up. Yes it’s divine. I know in our times love was for just a slight hand shake or looking into the eyes or just a feel with the unintentional body touch Teri chahta ha inadat meri. Dekhta rehta hun Surat teri. Ghar tere dum se ha mandir mera. Tu ha devi ma pujari tera.

              1. Don’t know chemistry. Physics or math but the relationship is going well. Today we are out to play casino but she won’t allow me to lose more than 100 dollars. Great gambler she is. You can be sure that she won’t refuse playing card even after midnight.

                1. There’s no need go in to science either…I got my answer :)…and cards! they are a fun thing. I don’t know much about casinos…only seen on TV. You two have great time together and yeah come back loaded.

  2. Great post. Love has always been shrouded in mystry, wars have been fought over it and some people are even willing to give up everything for it including their lives.
    I often think of my first love. what was, what could have been and what reality is. You can never go back and you can’t change history. Live and learn from the past.

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